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2019-02-02T02:00:00.000Z 2019-02-02T02:00:00.000Z - College Basketball

867 Wright State Raiders
868 Illinois Chicago Flames










CBB Totals







Free 1.5* at bottom.

Guys this total is kinda low from what I'm seeing...This total just PPG wise should be 147.5....Now these teams already played each other weeks ago and they scored 149...Which is about what some of the stats said back then...But now I feel the total is more like 150ish.

I went through the stats pretty deep and I won't get into a long drawn out handicap after last night's debacle of a handicap..That sucked doing it twice and losing..Not to mention we got our asses kicked..Just look at the boxscore and you will realize it was the 3pt line that killed UC Riverside.

UIC is the home team here and they run a pace of #70 in the nation...That's very good and we always want that from a home team..They should have little issue here setting the pace. I don't think UIC is worried about Wright St because they beat them already and the Wright St 3pt % defense ranks #325 in the nation. We all know that's terrible as they give up about about 72ppg.

UIC on the other hand likes to shoot 3's...They are the #18 team with 3pt attempts...I love that as they creates a faster pace from Wright St off the miss..Plus we get a shot at this being a 3pt contest and UIC shoots the 3ball at #117...That's pretty good and above average.

UIC 3pt defense is terrible as they rank #248 in the nation...So if Wright St want's to get into a 3pt contest, I'm all for it. Wright St attempts a ton of 3's as well..#68 in the nation and 3pt makes is #78.

So the 3pt line will be huge tonight I think....Not to again that Wright St. 3pt defense is #325.

We also like teams that assist the ball well...We got two teams that are average and above average...

UIC Assists #92....Wright St. #179....So we can expect the pace from UIC and the passing from both squads here...Not to mention the defenses are weak especially at the 3pt line..So don't be shocked if we just see a couple pass-pass, shoot from deep time after time in this one.

Free throws could be an issue for UIC as they rank #304, but at home, that should be a tad better...Wright St. is solid at the charity stripe ranking #41.

Blocks are not really a worry...Wright St...#320...that's bad and UIC is #151 which is slightly above average...So overall we should be ok in this area.

I went through the fouls, turnovers, steals, rebounds and nothing is really alarming either way.

I also like the fact that this is UIC's 3rd home game in a row..usually home teams that are home tend to shoot better the more games they play.

Wright St the slower team just scored 87pts it's last game...Big part was getting to the line, but they shot 54.5%...So whatever they were doing and looking at the boxscore....They were assisting the ball well and moving with pace, that helped them..Maybe we get the same type of gameplan here and UIC on defense is terrible, so...I like it.

When these teams played the 1st time, they shot 70 3pt attempts...Yes 70...They shot a combined 35% which is average in CBB and judging by what they shoot on average a year...They can exceed that margin.

So overall we will need the 3pt line and this game could be a shootout...If they shoot 70 3's again, well we need to make em..Stats say they can and if we hit all of them, we should hit 210 points lol....I'll be happy with 40% and we got ourselves a winner by a mile...Even 35% gets us to the number I think.

I see this one being high flying and 3's from everywhere.....I got this one 77-75 Final...Way over.

1.5** Play - St. Bonavanture UNDER 129.5...This game might struggle to hit 115

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01/31/2019 3:24 PM
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