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Tuesday, February 13, 2018 6:00PM - College Basketball

547 LSU Tigers
548 Alabama Crimson Tide










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The season for LSU isn't totally lost yet...A loss here though would almost knock them out of the big dance conversation..They do have the option to run the table and make it in though..That most likely won't happen, but a last gasp effort here tonight should be on tap.

LSU also has revenge tonight...Alabama went into LSU and beat the Tigers on their home court..LSU will be looking to return the favor tonight.

In the last meeting two things stood out to me..LSU won all the small areas..They got crushed though on the glass..They were out rebounded by 16...Now I don't think that will occur again, but LSU also shot worse from 3pt land, and in the paint.

I also think the shooting %'s will be more even this time around...let's check out the stats.

These favor LSU....

Assists +2
Turnover +3
Fouls +1.5
3pt % +2
FT % +7
Steals +0.5

Not a ton, but it gets us +16...Let's check Alabama now..They win these areas

Rebounds +3
FG% +2
Blocks +2.5
3pt def% +3
FT Attempts +3

I had to add the FT attempts because it is a few ticks in favor of Bama..Still Alabama just +13.5

So we get the stats and the last game showed that, we also should shoot a tad better than last game and not get out rebounded by 16.

Alabama is a team that is within the bubble and another loss shouldn't hurt them..Big thing for me in this game also...Alabama throttled Tennessee last game out, but they have a monster look ahead with Kentucky on deck next in Kentucky..Focus can be an issue as well..Revenge in our favor and the stats are not that much different between these two teams...close game

75-72 Final

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02/12/2018 7:38 PM
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