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Tuesday, February 13, 2018 4:00PM - College Basketball

523 Maryland Terrapins
524 Nebraska Cornhuskers










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Apologize for the delay getting write up loaded. Last night has issues with the system and getting it loaded and then today my wife has come down very ill with this flu bug and I have been distracted. I do apologize. 

I cashed with Maryland on Saturday when they thumped Northwestern at home. But as the season has progressed it has become painfully obvious Maryland is two different animals at home and on the road. It of course tends to be that way with most clubs but to extremes with others. The Terps seem to fall into that category. Of course bettors tend to lean on what they have seen most recently when they wager. Trust me, the odds makers know this. The way Tim Miles Huskers have been playing of late and frankly they have been a covering machine, they have covered the number in a sick twelve of their last thirteen conference battles. That is significant. They have also cashed the bets in eight of their last nine games on their home floor. The Terps like to fire the 3's and the fact is the Huskers defend the three pointer well. This Nebraska team whipped the hell out of a talented Michigan club by twenty points on this floor, why be overly concerned with Maryland here. No, it is not a lock. I don't deal in that crap. But I do think we have a very strong play here with the Huskers playing the hot hand at home in what should be a wired up home crowd as they push towards the post season. Maryland is one of those trendy picks for many today and sometimes that works out and sometimes it blows up in the public's faces. Everything here points to Nebraska at home getting it done. Don't bet the mortgage but play this with confidence guys. Unless the Huskers just have a off night stroking it and Maryland plays much better than they have thus far on the road this season I think we should be on the right side. 

Many thanks as always and once again apologize for the delay. Just one of those things fellas. Best of luck to all of us and enjoy the game. 
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02/12/2018 9:16 PM
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