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Friday, January 12, 2018 4:05PM - NBA

803 Utah Jazz
804 Charlotte Hornets










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I will say it right out front. I think this Hornets team is soft by league standards. They dropped a home game two nights ago at home on their own floor after four days rest against a travel weary Dallas Mavericks club. They jumped up early then folded like a cheap suit. Frankly at the present time I would not trust this team any further than I could spit. Sorry, sometimes you just have to speak plainly. On the same night Quin Snyders team went into Washington and squared off against a Wizards team that supposedly had revenge on their agenda after getting their clocks cleaned earlier at Utah. Well it set up on paper as a nice revenge angle game except nobody told the Jazz about the script. End result was the Jazz handling the Wizards yet again only this time in front of the home crowd. Yes, I would feel better about Utah here if they were stronger down in the post. The loss of Gobert (again) has been crucial. But when it comes to a team that plays hard on a more consistent basis this Jazz team has it all over the Hornets every day of the week and twice on sunday. Or in this case Friday. I do not really hang my hat on trends as it generally is just not that easy but some angles here also heavily support our cause guys. The Jazz have now covered the number in five straight games against the eastern conference foes. The Hornets, so much for home court edge, have covered the number now in a very dismal two of their last ten games on their own home floor. Think about that before reaching for your wallet. This is a game that could easily come down to the last minutes but I am SO much more confident of this Jazz team hanging tough and taking care of business than the Hornets. I honestly think we are indeed getting the superior team here and points without Gobert on the floor even. I know a lot of bettors will proclaim the Hornets the smart play here in a bounce back from that mess against the Mavericks. Not me. Like I said at the outset I think this team is soft. I think in a grind it out game here the Jazz might very well prevail outright but I will take the points and run. Triple star on the Jazz here fellas. 
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01/11/2018 9:56 PM
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