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Ken Thomson
  • 25 Years Announcing Sports
  • Announced for Multiple Colleges - Connections at Over 50!
  • Won Record 14 Straight in Las Vegas Review Journal
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Ken Thomson Win Streaks

  • ( 21 - 8 ) LAST 29 THREE STAR PLAYS CBB
  • ( 118 - 78 -4 ) CBB FULL SEASON 2016-17
  • CFB currently ( 14-8-1 ) RUN + 16 UNITS
  • 2/11/17 CBB GOY NORTHRIDGE VS UCSB 77-55
  • 2016 CFB GOY WYOM/2017 PAC12 GOY ASU WIN
updated: November 6 at 8:40 AM PT


NFL GAME OF THE YEAR UP NOW PLUS CFB 3-PACK.....may have some CBB games in the AM after scouting some of these Tournaments!


After a couple solid free plays win in CBB ....2 CRAP plays with Eastern Illinois & Ball State drop 4 UNITS.......I'll watch more games and get back on track...won't charge anyone until I right the ship.....I HATE LOSING but worse than that I hate getting a game DEAD WRONG like BALL STATE where I'm done by halftime when I'm plus 15 points.....that's a Piss Poor Mis-read!!

CBB - FREEBIE wins with Nevada 88-81 over Rhode Island - we will get rolling on CBB.,..that was first of several Free Plays over next several weeks....AND DUKE just won for 10th time in last 11 tries vs. Michigan State!

Overall a solid weekend in CFB & NFL by cutting down plays and going ( 2-1 ) CFB while nailing the Atlanta as my NFL Game of the MONTH!

The College Hoops will get fixed this week as I used two games I had great inside info on from two closed scrimmages that seemed to give me an edge....however CAL is a BAD PAC 12 team at this point of the season and with the Golden Bears lack of talent may end up being cellar dwellers by season's end....Texas Arlington took too long to get going vs. LMU but the Lions are another team we will be making $$ against!

PAC-12 GAME OF THE YEAR CAME THROUGH....ASU WAS NAILS THE LAST QUARTER AND TURNED A 27-17 DEFICIT INTO 41-30 WIN....MOST LAID 3.5 BUT SOMe WERE GOING TO PUSH at minus 4...I would've taken it but then there was just enough time to make a decision can either get the touch or kick the FG...HECK LIKE THE REST OF YOU & I KNEW SUN DEVILS HAD TO PLAY suffocating Defense and a PERFECT 4th they DID IT!!.......Hats off ASU !!!

- Last year's PAC 12 GOY was WASHINGTON at home over Stanford minus 6 points - FINAL SCORE was WASHINGTON 44 Stanford 6
This game has cashed easily the past 4 of 5 years.....there are also other CFB plays up with a Solo game at 9:00 AM Pacific and then 2 - key battles in the ACC & Big 12 at 12:30 PM Pacific time up as well

SUNDAY NFL - EASY ONE WITH PHILLY.....TENNESSEE WAITS UNTIL FINAL 46 SECONDS TO GIVE UP THE COVER while the RAIDERS pushed for a lot of you ...many were able to get minus 2.5 as there were several shops with that number throughout the weekend.....I listed it at 3 as many could not get 2.5.....My bad...I went back to plays and Carr threw INT on 3rd down...not 2nd as I originally Miami would've had time to score .......if Raiders ran ball there they maybe take another few seconds off but still would've had time for Back Door cover....had to stop 2point conversion!

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