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  • Former local bookie
  • Mentored by coaching legend Cotton Fitzsimmons
  • Called #1 NFL Capper in world by Columbia Daily Tribune
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Spartan Win Streaks

  • Overall Triple Star Mark 612-442 +313.49
  • Overall Rabid Dog Mark 364-174 +301.04
  • NFL Triple Stars 2012-Present 76-46 62%
  • Won 23 last 29 NFL Playoff Triples! 79%
  • 2011-17 NFL Rabid Dogs 75-41 65% Winners
updated: June 26 at 10:51 PM PT

College Triple Star Kick Off Release Loaded!

I know it is summer but as well all know the days are clicking down rapidly towards football kicking off the 2017 season. Last season I loaded up an early College Kick Off Triple Star release and it was very popular, (yes, it won) so I have been looking hard at the opening slate of games and found one to roll with again. It is already up and loaded. 

Now, I would like to briefly touch on some other things regarding football. Make no mistake about it, football wagering is by and far the king of the hill. No other sport can touch football when it comes to interest and action taken. This has only increased through the years. Nothing begins to touch football. Now, like most things in life money draws out all kinds. And I do mean all kinds. You will likely be besieged with offers from various services. All over the internet and the mail too. Even some phone calls in some cases. They are like locusts descending. It happens every year as the season's opening looms closer. Of course the problem is this, most will be touting all kinds of fabulous records. Mostly undocumented of course. And lord help you if you get cornered on the phone with one of them. It almost seems like they are paid by the word. I am here to address that. At Pregame we don't call people. We do not promote locks and bull shit. When RJ and I were discussing this many years back we had a common goal in mind. To slowly but effectively change the culture of the sports handicapping business. As the site has grown and evolved it is apparent more than lip service is being paid to this goal. 

I want my prospective clients to have real numbers to consider as they wade through the swamp of offers. I can honestly say football has been the foundation of my own brand. I have been a winning football capper here for years now. I have clients who have been with me for several years running. Thankfully most of them don't buy into the carnival barking bullshit. The most successful ones adhere strictly to one policy. They limit their betting to my Triples and Rabid Dogs. By doing so, they make money. Plain and simple. But I want to share for example last years numbers including ALL releases. The numbers will speak for themselves and make my case. Just hard numbers. No fluff, no spin. Just cold, hard numbers. Please remember at Pregame everything is based on the 1-2 star units grading scale. Nothing dazzling here, just positive numbers. Again. I assure you most past seasons were much better. But I am dealing with only last season for all the results for the moment. Here they are. 

2016 NFL Football: 64-60 on ALL games released. The NFL Triples were 17-11. The Rabid Dogs were 18-9. If a bettor wagered ALL the games they concluded the season up 3.20 units. 

2016 College Football: 70-66 on ALL games released. The College Triples were 10-9. The Rabid Dogs were 5-4. If a bettor wagered ALL the games they concluded the college season up 3.75 units. 

If a bettor only bet on the Triples & Rabid Dog releases for both they concluded the season with a record of 50-33, that is 60% winners. Obviously a unit's value in real dollars depends on the individual bettor. One man's unit is different from another. I have some clients who bet more on one weekend than most do an entire season. And that I assure you, is a stone cold fact. These guys only bet football and march madness. I know them. 

Now, to show some longer term results with the prime releases here are some other numbers. 

NFL Triple Star Releases 2012 season to present time. 76-46, 62% winners. 
NFL Rabid Dogs 2011 season to present time. 75-41, 65% winners. 
NFL Playoff Triples have now cashed on 23 of the last 29 released, 79% winners. 

The early bird football packages will be

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Should Be Repeat Of 2016
Pregame Professional Spartan is prepared to kick off the 2017 football season as he usually does, year after year, with a winner safely in the books. Last fall Spartan posted early with his season opener and yes it cashed for his clients with Kansas State covering the number at Stanford. It started another big, winning season for Spartan and his football Triple Star releases. There is one game early that Spartan loves and is all over. Once again he has tagged it as his first football Triple Star of the new season and loaded his 2017 COLLEGE KICKOFF TRIPLE STAR! If you want to get this new season off and rolling in winning style then once again Spartan is giving you your Golden Opportunity. Only $25, should be another pure money winner. ENJOY!$$$$$$$$
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