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  • Former local bookie
  • Mentored by coaching legend Cotton Fitzsimmons
  • Called #1 NFL Capper in world by Columbia Daily Tribune
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  • Overall Triple Star Mark 648-489+255.41
  • Overall Rabid Dog Mark 377-194 +281.71
  • NFL Triple Stars 2012-Present 83-57
  • Won 23 last 29 NFL Playoff Triples! 79%
  • 2011-17 NFL Rabid Dogs 84-53 60% Winners
updated: November 24 at 3:51 PM PT

Special Offer For Football Saturday Loaded Up!

I have a special offer on the table for saturday. I typically release one featured release at most per day. For this saturday I have combined my top rated college football game for the day in the Iron Bowl with my sunday top rated NFL release. They are both combined together in the one deal so basically two for the price of the one. 

The SEC release for friday did not prevail as Missouri went down to Arkansas and won the thing but not by enough. Clearly the defense did not travel well in this instance. But, I do believe in credit where due. With nothing at all but pride at stake the Hogs did show up and play hard today for their outgoing coach. I know it aggravates some to give credit to the other team when a selection goes down but frankly this is not fifth grade. Sometimes you tip your hat to the other side. Mizzou should have won that game by three touchdowns but as mentioned earlier, the defense really regressed saturday. Offense continued to light up the scoreboard but the defense did not hold up their end of the bargain, Congrats to those who chose to tail the Hogs. A lot of people have been fading the Tigers for several weeks now and they got one today to break their way. 

So much ground to cover. Back at it. 

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Spartan has loaded up a rare combination offer for saturday that includes TWO featured releases for the price on only ONE! For this saturday he has his TOP rated SEC Triple Star release combined with his TOP Triple Star release for sunday NFL action. Typically these would cost close to $50 if purchased on a separate basis, with this special offer you can get both games you can hit with confidence for the investment of only one at $23. It's his IRON BOWL & NFL TRIPLE COMBO OFFER! If you enjoy getting maximum bang for you buck then Spartan is providing it and a chance to hit your book both days and pay for only one. Pound both these fellas & ENJOY!$$$$$$$
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