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  • Former local bookie
  • Mentored by coaching legend Cotton Fitzsimmons
  • Called #1 NFL Capper in world by Columbia Daily Tribune
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Spartan Win Streaks

  • Overall Triple Star Mark 615-451 +290.78
  • Overall Rabid Dog Mark 365-177 +293.09
  • NFL Triple Stars 2012-Present 76-46 62%
  • Won 23 last 29 NFL Playoff Triples! 79%
  • 2011-17 NFL Rabid Dogs 75-41 65% Winners
updated: July 20 at 10:27 PM PT

Looking Hard At Friday Options!

Thursday started out on a very positive note for us. Afternoon winners with the Mets winning over the Cards and the Red Sox and Jay's easily clearing the over for us. The for good measure the free release cashed very easily as the Royals blew out the Tigers. All looked promising for a big day and then the Mariners proceeded to bare their asses. Stranded 12 runners, out hit the Yankees and lost the game on us. That top of the eighth frame was painful to watch. So in the end the one I wanted the most came up short. You just cannot squander that many scoring opportunities early on and expect to prevail. Felix certainly held up his end of the deal. A head scratcher for sure. 

I am looking hard at our options for friday. A winning day but no satisfaction when the one we needed the most comes up short in such a frustrating fashion. To tell all sides we did catch a break with the Met's win when Trevor Rosenthal had a brain cramp and was late covering first on the grounder. I assure you guys I watch every game we have action on. Unless it is tuesday nights and I am playing ball I am watching our games fellas. My family and friends would attest to that. 

On a positive note I have been notified by the home office that the early football offer is about to go up. There is NO better way to invest in this stuff than these early bird offers. It beats the absolute hell out of paying the daily prices. You can get one early price locked in and you are good to go for the entire season. Every football Triple Star and Rabid Dog. Every single one of them. Thursday night, saturday's, sunday, monday night football. The whole deal for one low price at the outset of the season. There is no question football is the one sport that is the foundation of my success in this industry. I have many clients who have been with me for several years now. The client base in football has expanded each year. The long term mark with the big releases in football speak for themselves. I have some clients, many actually, who only wager the Triples and Rabid dogs and that has proven to be a long term rock solid winner for them. That is why they keep signing back on. Anyway, I have been told they will be published and available very soon. 

But, we are dealing with the present. And I have a helluva lot of work to do with the bases. There is a ton of baseball to be played and I am determined to get us back on the right side of the ledger. I don't crow when winning or hide when not. Sports betting is a maddening roller coaster most the time. Many get that, many don't and never will. Nothing any of us can do about that. Nice thing as I have stated many times of late is at Pregame we are transparent. More so than ever. As it should be I might add. 

Onward we go, enjoy your weekend and best of luck with your action guys. 

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Nothing nicer in sports wagering than hitting a huge release early in the day and then hitting the golf course, or whatever your pleasure might be. Friday presents one such golden opportunity for us. Spartan won 2 of his 3 releases on thursday, 3 of 4 counting the freebie on the Royals and has isolated one game on the board that is the strongest play of the day and happens to be an early first pitch. It's his EARLY FRIDAY TRIPLE STAR BOMBSHELL! Spartan has won 164 more Triple Star Releases than not for his clients over the LONG TERM! If you want to jump start your weekend in winning style it gets no better than this. Hit this with true confidence & ENJOY!$$$$$
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Pregame Professional Spartan is prepared to kick off the 2017 football season as he usually does, year after year, with a winner safely in the books. Last fall Spartan posted early with his season opener and yes it cashed for his clients with Kansas State covering the number at Stanford. It started another big, winning season for Spartan and his football Triple Star releases. There is one game early that Spartan loves and is all over. Once again he has tagged it as his first football Triple Star of the new season and loaded his 2017 COLLEGE KICKOFF TRIPLE STAR! If you want to get this new season off and rolling in winning style then once again Spartan is giving you your Golden Opportunity. Only $25, should be another pure money winner. ENJOY!$$$$$$$$
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