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Ken Thomson | Update

CBB Sides - Today at 8:30 PM

Never easy taking a shot on a winless Conference team which is the case with the Johnnie's who are now at ( 0-8 ) in the Big East.  However six of those eight games were winnable if this team could just stop could just learn how to close out games.  If they would've fouled at the end... full analysis

JR ODonnell | Update

Free Pick: NY Rangers Rangers

NHL Sides - Today at 10:05 PM

1* FREE ICE DOG HERE TO THE NY RANGERS + 145 @ THE DUCKS TONIGHT ... Power Rated @ Ducks -126 as the value imo is on the Rangers + 145 ....  My Game #' s Rangers 37-15 vs Pacific .... Terrific #'s there & 6-1 last 7 vs Ducks 7-1 AFTER THE RANGERS SHOCK THE MIGHTY DUCKS    

Spartan | Update

Free Pick: Over Celtics/Lakers

NBA Totals - Today at 10:35 PM

VegasButcher | More

Free Pick: Boston Celtics

NBA Sides - Today at 10:35 PM

Boston Celtics -5

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