Ohio State Football Betting Odds in Face of NCAA Allegations


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Ohio State Football Betting Odds in Face of NCAA Allegations

The Columbus Dispatch reported today that Ohio State has been issued a "notice of allegations" from the NCAA.  Concluding that Ohio State could face "the most severe NCAA penalties to its storied football program."

Even with this unprecedented controversy and substantial player/head coach suspensions for the Buckeyes, only four college football teams have better odds of winning the BCS title according to Las Vegas: Alabama, Florida State, LSU, Oklahoma. Two teams, Boise State and Oregon, share OSU’s 14 to 1 odds.

Excerpt from the Dispatch article:

The NCAA alleges that: Tressel was guilty of ethical misconduct when he knowingly provided false information to the NCAA in certifying that he knew of no potential violations by his players and failed to inform OSU officials. Ohio State fielded ineligible players last season when starting quarterback Terrelle Pryor and others competed despite Tressel's knowledge of their misconduct. NCAA bylaws call for immediate suspensions.

The NCAA said that Pryor, Dan Herron, DeVier Posey, Mike Adams, Solomon Thomas and Jordan Whiting will not face further punishment. They have been suspended for the first five games of the 2011 season


Is OSU being made an example of with too harsh treatment, or are they being treated with too gently due to their standing as a storied college football program?

  • Just because it's going on and guys are not being caught doesn't make it right.

    The argument here is Tressel's cred. He's always taking up his guys on playing the right way and being model citizens off the field. How, then, can we look at Tressel knowing about these infractions and letting them continue to play and say it was the right move?

    IF Ohio State had anything in mind other than winning football games they'd fire Tressel immediately. But they don't care about graduation rates, good kids off the field or what people think of them.

    They fired Woody Hayes, who is the biggest name in Ohio State history, because he punched out a player. Assault, yes, but according to the NCAA which is worse? What Tressel did. Remember, he also pulled crazy shit like this at Youngstown State.

    But, when it's all said and done Ohio State will do nothing. All they care about is winning football games. At whatever cost — including breaking the rules.

  • Some people say paying players in the answer. I don't see it. People ALWAYS want more. If they start paying players, do you think they will suddenly stop taking $100 handshakes? Would they stop selling items for more cash? Absolutely not. If you decided to pay players, would you make those things legal as well? You would have to. How would you be able to tell if a kid bought a car or if it was given to him? Could you imagine how much a kid going to OSU, Alabama, USC, etc could get from the boosters? That would kill the smaller schools who would no longer be able to get players after a scholarship is no longer a reason to attend. There is no good that can come from paying players IMO. A college education is more than enough to compensate a gifted athlete that is using the school to show he has what it takes at the next level and/or provide him with the education to make his way through life.

  • Five games is too many just because they tried to make a little money, which the NCAA wont let them do.  Two games max per player and a fine for tressel for knowing about it, hit him where it hurts in his pocket.  Its not like they were cheating on an exam like florida state players got caught doing a few years back and if I recal they only got 1 game, granted it was a bowl game.  NCAA learned from its mistake back then on last years buckeye squad and let them play the bowl game to keep the sponsors happy, which in the end its all about money anyway so its ironic the NCAA is suspending them at all.  Pay college athletes and you wouldnt have this problem.

  • RJ, since you went to OSU, what do you think of everything that went down there?  I really don't think the players deserve to be suspended five games, but then too I think it reveals some bad character flaws that the players would sell those things.  Tressel was clearly in the wrong by attempting to cover up the situation and lie about it.

  • Seriously, how can you defend this man?

  • They should just shut down the Ohio State program.

  • Stevie Wonder can see how corrupt Ohio State is. You go back 10 years, they could not even recruit the best players in Ohio all the time. Michigan was stealing from their own backyard. Magically they are now getting the best players in the NATION in both foots and hoops. Clock is about to hit 12 and they are going to be turning into a pumpkin soon.

  • That's the spirit, lg.


  • So Ohio State is a leading brand?

    Maybe for getting punked in major bowl games.

    Tressel broke the rules and so did his players. They should be punished accordingly.

  • I don't think the NCAA wants to hurt one of their leading brands, but I also don't think they want to hurt their brand by seeming to go soft on the Buckeyes.