There is a new feature in the Forums called Digests.  You may subscribe to receive either a daily or weekly digest. 


What digests do:

  • Provide daily or weekly summaries of group activity
  • Allow you to choose your frequency (daily or weekly) for each group's feed
  • Allow registered users to subscribe to a digest for Joinless groups
  • Allow only members of a group to subscribe to the group's digest
  • Allow private group members to subscribe to a digest of activity in a private group

To subscribe to a digest, simple select the type of digest you wish to subscribe to from the dropdown box at the top of the Forums (or other group) page:

You will receive a summary email at the requested interval with:

  • New Threads
  • Replies
  • Comments
  • Links
  • And occasionally, other special content


To unsubscribe, simple choose “Do Not Send Digest” from the dropdown list.