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  • 2014 = $100 Bettor is UP +$2045
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updated: April 19 at 8:00 AM PT

THIS WEEK = $100 BETTOR's +$1965..NOW 16-4 (80%) on 3*s !!

First off, Happy Easter to all..

We head into Sun 16-4 (81%) on our L/20 Biggest Bets (3*s) after cashing 3 of 4 on Sat..and look to add to that by closing out the week with "2" BIG BETS (3* NBA + 3* MLB)..

Just this week a $100 Bettor is UP +$1,965..

And more importantly, we head into the NBA Playoffs on FIRE in Hoops..

NBA Subscribers are now over 60% ATS on their L/ "80" Premiums, earning a $100 Bettor more than +$2,100..and we'll be Increasing Bet Size when the Post-Season tips off on like we always do to take advantage of the Increase in Edge..

I've been waiting since winter for the MLB Season knowing for years it's the #NFAC crew's best sport and this season I'm able to get their moves straight from the source which is something I was never able to do..and it's already paying off..

Now Let's Do Some DAMAGE..#NFAC Style !!

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Fri, Apr 18 2014
4:37 PM
Awesome night and rock it in MLB. Remember your days from when you were before a pro. You R good stuff and short term haters do just that.
Thu, Apr 17 2014
7:28 PM
VR you catch a lot of shit as you are as indicated a roller coaster capper but your insight is invaluable. Nice to see you once in a while in the forums like old days. Twitter is the future but forums are still good place to stop by. All the luck.
Thu, Apr 17 2014
6:40 PM
VR - nice hits tonight. Glad I jumped on board. Keep going!!!
Tue, Apr 15 2014
10:57 AM
My man VR is on fire!! My boy starts the week " 4-2 on premiums" on only 5 picks. That would be hard for a average guy but not for my man. And my boy cashes " 2 of 3 big 3 unit bets" . See this is what really sets VR apart able to cash on losing bets.
Sat, Apr 12 2014
6:20 AM

Great job on that Yankee's 3 star play yesterday brother!

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3*s = 16-4 (80%) L/20..+$1965 WEEK
Vegas-Runner continues to Beat the Books and after cashing 3 of 4 BIG BETS (3*s), subscribers are now 16-4 (80%) on the L/20 (3*s)... A $100 Bettor is UP +$1,965 this week heading into the final day, and VR looks to add to that with "2" MORE BIG BETS (3* NBA + 3* MLB) !!
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