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André Gomes
  • True NBA Expert
  • Graduate in Economics
  • Based in Portugal - avoids same-old-thinking
André Gomes Signature

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André Gomes Win Streaks

  • NBA 2013-2014:+65.3un (55%ATS) 1-2-3MM
  • NBA 2006-2014:+301.9un (55%ATS) 1-2-3MM
  • NFL 2014: 23-22 ATS | -4.52un 1-2-3MM
  • NFL 2013: 69-53-3 ATS | +14.00un 1-2-3MM
  • MLB 2014: 193-167 ATS | +20.47un 1-2-3MM
updated: October 23 at 5:01 AM PT

NBA Season Package available w/ a special Early Bird price!!

Thursday Work:

The NFL returns today with Week 7 and I've worked very hard throughout the week to bounce back in style in the upcoming weekend. Today's TNF game will put face to face the Broncos and the Chargers. I'm currently analysing very well all angles of the game and if I decide to have a Play on it, I'll set up a Package for it on my Pros Page!

I have also released on the forum a NBA Regular Season Wins bet. As the limits of this type of bets are very small, please look at this pick more like a "fun bet" and a way to preview Golden State's upcoming season than anything else. You check the pick (and other NBA Preseason picks) in the following link:

I'm also obviously taking a close look at the NBA preseason to be ready to absolutely crush the sportsbooks once again on the NBA since the Day 1 of the regular season.

NFL & NBA Season Announcement:

I had a very successful NFL season last year by going 69-53-3 (57%) ATS on my plays with a profit of +14.00un on a 1-2-3 Money Management system. I worked hard during the off-season to improve even more these results in this year's NFL season and have the most successful NFL season of my handicapping career!

NFL 2014 Record Spreadsheet (click here)

I'm also obviously working hard on the upcoming NBA season. As you know, the NBA is my bread and butter, where I absolutely crush the sportsbooks season after season. You can take a look at my NBA Regular Season records in the following link:

NBA 2006-2014 Regular Season Records Spreadsheet (click here)

I will also continue focusing on the English Premier League to give you more soccer winners every weekend!!!
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andre gomes
Fri, Oct 24 2014
3:19 AM
wallkennel: If you're talking about NBA picks, next Tuesday. If you're talking about any kind of picks, I should have my NFL picks up either Saturday night or Sunday morning. Great to have you on board! [y]
Thu, Oct 23 2014
4:07 PM
Purchased from you, when will you post picks?
andre gomes
Thu, Oct 23 2014
5:07 AM
rad1411: Great to have you on board one more year! Let's win big again! [y]
andre gomes
Thu, Oct 23 2014
5:06 AM
Jcatalano11: On a 3-4-5 system, you play 3 units on a single dime, 4 units on a double and 5 units on a triple. In that way, unlike an 1-2-3 system, you don't really double/triple the stake on best bets! [y]
Wed, Oct 22 2014
12:59 PM
Just bought your NBA package so I'm back on board for another season. Get'em Andre!

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Hitting 58% ATS MLB 2nd Half Season
Hitting 58% ATS MLB 2nd Half Season
Last 10 Picks from André Gomes
10/22 NBA Total 196.0
10/22 NBA Sides -4.0
10/22 NBA Total 198.5
10/21 NBA Sides -3.5
10/21 MLB ML -105 -$105
10/21 NBA Total 202.5
10/21 NBA Total 207.5
10/20 NBA Sides 1.5
10/20 NBA Sides -4.5
10/19 NFL Side -5.5
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