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André Gomes
  • True NBA Expert
  • Graduate in Economics
  • Based in Portugal - avoids same-old-thinking
André Gomes Signature

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André Gomes Win Streaks

  • MLB 2nd Half: 154-114 ATS [+38.9 units]
  • MLB 2014: 189-153 ATS | +93.1 un 3-4-5MM
  • NBA 2006-2013: +231.1 un 1-2-3 MM
  • NFL 2013: 69-53-3 ATS +14.00un 1-2-3MM
updated: September 20 at 7:06 AM PT

Saturday MLB | 2nd Half: 154-114 ATS [+38.9 units]

MLB 2014 Reg. Season RECORD 3-4-5 MM: 189-153 ATS | +93.1 units
MLB 2014 Reg. Season RECORD 1-2-3 MM: 189-153 ATS | +32.7 units
Yesterday's MLB Recap Plays:

Over LAA/TEX 8.5 Triple Dime WIN
Miami RL+1 PUSH
Over SD/SF 6.5 LOSS
Baltimore RL-1.5 LOSS
Chicago White ML WIN
Minnesota ML WIN

Daily Message: 

We went 3-3-1 ATS yesterday in our MLB plays but it was a profitable card because we cashed our Big Triple Dime Play w/ OVER LAA/TEX! We didn't need to sweat as the play was won in the 4th inning! Once again, we've established a new high of profits for the season: +93.1 units using my recommended 3-4-5un MM system or +32.7 units using a 1-2-3MM system.

Dominating MLB's 2nd half:

We are now 154-114 ATS while hitting 57% in our plays! We have a nice +38.9 units to show using a 1-2-3MM system or +106.8 units using my recommended 3-4-5MM system. We are primed to end this current season as the best season of my career, and please note that there is 8 days left remaining in the regular season.

As usual stay tuned especially on my twitter @gomescapper for news about the release of content throughout the day!


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Sun, Aug 17 2014
5:26 AM
I still haven't gotten my Sunday soccer pick. Game starts in 5 minutes. When I log in it doesn't list the pick
Sat, Aug 16 2014
9:21 AM
I bought the soccer picks...and didn't get them. This is not the first time this has happen with Andre's soccer picks. WTF!! I emailed pregame already, any suggestions?
Thu, Aug 14 2014
2:57 PM
when are they shutting down... lol
Thu, Aug 14 2014
12:40 PM
Have to ask, how can u possibly take an under in a game being pitched by Edwin jackson
Thu, Jul 17 2014
9:33 PM

very true betsoon

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