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André Gomes
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André Gomes Win Streaks

  • NBA Playoffs: 26-26 ATS -3.75un 1-2-3MM
  • NBA 14/15 Reg. Season: 56% ATS
  • NBA 14/15 Reg. Season: +35.65un 1-2-3MM
  • NBA 2013-2014:+65.3un (55% ATS) 1-2-3MM
  • NBA 2006-2014:+301.9un (55% ATS) 1-2-3MM
updated: May 23 at 7:45 AM PT

NBA Playoffs Day 36

Daily Message:

We went 1-1 on the NBA yesterday. There is 1 Playoff Game today.

Yesterday's Recap:

Atlanta -2.5 LOSS
Hawks/Cavaliers U195 WIN

NBA Regular Season Final Records:

NBA 2014-15 RECORD 3-4-5 MM: 272-216-7 ATS | +120.02 units
NBA 2014-15 RECORD 1-2-3 MM: 272-216-7 ATS | +35.65 units

NBA 2014-15 Regular Season Records Spreadsheet (click here)
NBA 2006-2014 Regular Season Records Spreadsheet (click here)

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Last 5 Comments

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Sat, May 23 2015
8:37 PM

Today's game would have been an easy over if Houston showed up.

Sat, May 23 2015
6:30 PM
Why do we keep taking the Hawks? Also this is 3 straight unders in GSW series
Thu, May 21 2015
10:38 PM

Swings. That ten ton gorilla in the room of sports wagering.  I've known Andre for years. In the long run he is without any question a winner. But like all of us he has swings.

Thu, May 21 2015
10:20 PM
I have been following Andre all year. If he is down the last 4 months it isn't much. Overall this NBA year has been outstanding. Just trying to understand what you're still crying for, so what if we're slightly down over the past few months?
Thu, May 21 2015
8:45 AM
trapslap, 8-2 is irrelevant; over the course of the last 4 months combined, he is down, undebateable. Fact.

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NBA 2006-2014: +301.9un (55%ATS)
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