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André Gomes
  • True NBA Expert
  • Graduate in Economics
  • Based in Portugal - avoids same-old-thinking
André Gomes Signature

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André Gomes Win Streaks

  • 91-71 ATS RUN (56%) L162 NBA Plays
  • Hitting 56% ATS L575 (325-250) NBA Plays
  • NBA 2006-2013: +231.1 un 1-2-3 MM
  • NFL 2013: 69-53-3 ATS +14.00un 1-2-3MM
updated: April 14 at 8:01 AM PT

NBA Last Day Regular Season Card

Daily Message 04/16:

NBA 2013-14 RECORD 3-4-5 MM: 436-366-13 ATS | +134.71 units
NBA 2013-14 RECORD 1-2-3 MM: 436-366-13 ATS | +63.46 units

NBA Yesterday recap:

No plays

Daily Message: 

The playoffs are just around the corner but for today, we have the final day of the regular season with all NBA teams on the court. Unfortunately, we already know all the 16 teams that go to the playoffs, so there isn’t any substantial drama for tonight, only the matter of seeding position for some teams. For this particular day, we should be careful in “reading” all the proper information throughout the day…As usual stay tuned especially on my twitter @gomescapper for news about the release of content throughout the day!
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Wed, Apr 16 2014
1:00 PM
Andre - for play #6 the number is incorrect
Tue, Apr 15 2014
8:49 PM
Thank you for passing tonight.
Tue, Apr 15 2014
7:10 AM

Without Westbrook, the pace of the game was perfect for NO.  OKC needed to create a faster tempo against their short-handed opponent and for whatever reason, they didn't even try to.  

Mikejw, the good news is the Pelicans won't make the playoffs so Andre won't be able to bet against them much longer.  :)  Seriously though, the Pelicans have been a tough team for Andre to handicap this season.  I live in NO and I've watched most of their games.  On the surface, they shouldn't be competitve given the amount of injuries they've had (as everyone, including the oddsmakers are aware of).  But they play a lot of young guys with fresh legs who play like they trying to prove they belong in the NBA.  Hustle and determination has been helping to compensate somewhat for the lack of talent.  And while their talent isn't overall great, you really don't need a team of allstars to be effective in today's NBA.  Just some key players and a few roll players playing well at the right time which the Pelicans have had more often than people realize.

Mon, Apr 14 2014
9:55 PM
yeah that bust tyreke evans played out of his mind and actually put forth some effort, loser. Too bad westbrook didnt play.
Mon, Apr 14 2014
7:49 PM
The public was all over OKC yesterday on the Pacers game which was clearly a trap game. Today, the public was all over thr Spurs which turned out to be another trap starters for the spurs in the 4th quarter..

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Wed, 04/16/14 - 8:05 PM Andre Gomes | NBA Total
free pick 510 OKL / 509 DET Under 213.0 BetOnline
NBA - 509 Detroit Pistons @ 510 Oklahoma City Thunder

***FREE Premium Play***

I understand that we are taking some risks in taking the Under w/ DET in this season because so far, DET O/U mark in the season is 55-26 OVER (68% hitting rate!).

However, I believe that this is a good opportunity for us and we are getting an inflated line IMO. First of all, OKC needs to win to secure the #2 seed in the West but this isn't going to be that difficult against this pathetic DET team.

Probably, Durant & Westbrook will start but I don't expect them to play so many minutes like they did @NO (more than 40minutes!)! We should see a heavy dose of OKC's bench and this is why I really the Under in here:

1) Obviously, there will be a considerable drop off in terms of offensive efficiency without Westbrook & Durant and this will help DET's defense

2) OKC's have some great size on the bench to matchup vs. DET's frontcourt… Collison, Adams and even Thabeet will give some size to OKC and so, DET's won't punish OKC down low & boards like they are used to do.

My fair line for this contest is 208/210 points and so, I'm taking the Under in here!

Pick: 3 units (Single Dime Play) on  509/510 Under 213  @ -110 / 1.91 on Betonline

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Wed, 04/16/14 - 7:05 PM Andre Gomes | NBA Sides
free pick 522 CHL -1.0 (-110) BetOnline vs 521 CHI
NBA - 521 Chicago Bulls @ 522 Charlotte Bobcats

***FREE Premium Play***

Today's card is pretty specific as not only we have to be focused on the matchups but also (and especially) w/ injuries, "taking" or playoff seeding!

When the Bulls faced the Knicks, I took NYK w/ the following mindset:

Unfortunately for us, the Pacers have defeated the Thunder today and basically they locked up the #1 seed on the East. They "just" need to beat the Magic on the final day of the regular season to have the home court edge throughout the playoffs - their primary goal for the season.

So, what in the hell I'm talking about this in here?!

With the Pacers being the #1 seed, the Bulls can "choose" between facing the Pacers or the Heat @ 2nd round and between us, the answer is pretty easy to guess, right? They just "need" to let TOR be the #3 seed…

For this contest, I expect the Bulls to be more "relaxed"

Well, the Bulls indeed lose that game and the Raptors took over the #3 seed… Note that this contest is @7PM EST while the Raptors game is @8PM EST, so I expect the Bulls to not be that "much focused" vs. CHA who still have a legit chance to be #6 seed and avoid the Heat in the first round.

Pick: 3 units (Single Dime Play) on  522 Charlotte Bobcats (-1)  @ -110 / 1.91 on Betonline

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