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updated: September 16 at 9:26 AM PT

A Candid Look Back And Forward!

Some folks get it, some don't and never will. Let me just state for the umpteenth time. I will not win every huge release. I simply cannot. It is impossible. Cannot be done. I got some supportive messages from clients and they mean a ton. I got some hateful messages and that's sad. It's sad because these guys have expectations than cannot, and will not ever be met. The football season is still young, there is no reason for any of my football clients to be freaking out. Particularly when we are winning money. I suppose just not enough for some of them. Once again, let's take a hard look at the REAL numbers here. Then you can decide how much grief I should be taking. In college football we are at 17-8, +13 units profit. We are a spotless 3-0 with the Triple Star releases. In the NFL after TWO weeks we are at 7-6, -1.1 Units. The Triples are 1-2. So if my math is correct we are up 11.9 units. I can assure you most services out there are not up 11.9 units already in football if they were using the 1-3 rating system utilized by Pregame. It frustrates me to even feel like I need to put this out here but I have always prided myself on clear communication. 

Okay, I cannot change what has gone down. Wish I could. Right now I plan on rolling up my sleeves and going back to what I love to do. Handicapping football games and putting myself and my clients in the best position to enjoy success. And yes, I am going to state once more. Without self discipline and money management the sports bettor has zero chance for success. Not a diminished chance, zero. As in road kill guys. I don't just say that stuff for kicks. It's the gospel truth in sports betting. Please, I implore you to embrace that notion. It's the only way to stay in this for the long run and actually conclude a season ahead of the man. Take care guys.
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Tue, Sep 16 2014
3:02 PM

Yeah. I had a chance to watch it taped today. That was brutal to watch. Don't know what to say that hasn't been said. Back to work.

Tue, Sep 16 2014
2:50 PM
Theb last 2 games were called by the REFS they can KISS my ass no Pass inf and Horse coolar FK Vegas Not u STEVE BLATTON RIPPOFFS!!!!!
Tue, Sep 16 2014
2:47 PM
Not blaming you steve but im done until they do something about this shit with the REFS calling the outcomes an they will or NFL kis done feel bad so are you guys no way to cap this BS
Ken Thomson
Tue, Sep 16 2014
6:19 AM
You were on the RIGHT SIDE Sparty....Pep Hamilton thinks he's still at Stanford. Up 7 with 5 min. left 3rd and 8..why throw the ball when you have an automatic three with Vinatieri....absolute joke of a call INT and ballgame...RISK and REWARD.
Mon, Sep 15 2014
9:04 PM
The NFL is going to shit in so many ways. It really is sad. Definitely the right side as far as I'm concerned .. Goodell / refs have ruined this game. Between my teaser last night with sf-.5 and Indy tonight I just don't know how you can cap with these refs.

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