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updated: September 1 at 1:57 PM PT

College Football Well Underway!

That first weekend can be a slippery slope. I don't believe in doing the spin thing. We are up, should be by more but the bottom line is we stand at four wins, three losses and a push. That push with Wisconsin stung and that loss with Arkansas was a tough one as they hung until the very end. Clemson simply ran out of gas against a Georgia club that is a legitimate title contender in my view. As it stands now we're up 1.6 units for the start. No, that is not anything to clap hard over. However it sure as hell beats the alternative. Also, after a really hot run in baseball that has turned into a total riddle that past week. 

We, as handicappers have zero control over subscription prices or the duration of their offers. It is my understanding the discounted packages are coming down very soon. If you are truly interested in signing on for this upcoming season then the time is right. Like I have stated before, if you feel confident you have the time and ability to make some real money this season on your own then my hat is off to you and I sincerely wish you well. I was a bookie for many years and I know how rare it is that guys actually make a dime over the long run. Last season we all was said and done I had my clients up exactly one hundred units on the button. I feel confident I will make another run at it. 

Okay guys, back to work. Enjoy your sunday!
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Sun, Aug 31 2014
7:20 PM

Kind of you to say.  Tennessee came up big tonight. But no, it won't count in my record. Working hard on nfl week one guys.

Sun, Aug 31 2014
7:07 PM
You are a class act and even when you give free plays I am sure they are well thought out in advance as if you are giving out triples or rabid dog releases. Thanks for your release no matter what they are appreciate it.
Sun, Aug 31 2014
3:52 PM

Nope, if it wins I don't count it either. I have clients who want action. I have clients who only play the triples. I have some in between. A free play is simply something to give those wanting some action. It's just as simple as that. It's impossible to please everyone I've found so I will give a free play. It was entered into the system today by yours truly.

Thanks for the trust, I do appreciate it SORTUDO.

Sun, Aug 31 2014
3:30 PM

Hello Spartan.

I bought your NFL and CBF package and I have some doubts I would like to clear up.

Do you consider free bets in your accounting?

Are those free bets never sent by e-mail or published in the system?  Tennesse was not sent, that´s why I ask.

Thanks and all the best!

Sun, Aug 31 2014
8:24 AM

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