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Spartan Win Streaks

  • NFL 2012 Season To Present, +52.97 Units
  • 2011-15 NFL Rabid Dogs 63-31, 67% Wins
  • NFL Triple Stars 2012-Present 62-37 62%
  • Won 20 last 25 NFL Playoff Triples!
  • Overall Triple Star Record 526-383 +270
updated: September 26 at 9:06 PM PT

Featured Releases Locked & Loaded Guys!

When I started at Pregame as a paid handicapper ten years ago I decided to track my top releases, the triple stars and rabid dogs. I mean truly track them long term. Not just over hot months and such. Great swings, bad swings, the whole deal. Actually keep an honest accounting of how the huge releases did. Everyone with a clue knows the smaller plays will not fare nearly as well, um,, that is way they are lesser graded releases. I've never published a single star play as any kind of featured release. As I have explained on several occasions those are for the guys who crave more action. I get that and I try to please everyone. Try doing that sometime, lol. Anyway, both the Triples and Rabid Dogs have performed exceptionally well over a ten year span. The records speak clearly for themselves. I show the wins and losses, after all the swings. Not many sites do that guys. 

Anyway, now me move forward. I have loaded up my one & only 2016 College football Rabid Dog Game of the Year. We easily cashed it last year and I fully expect to do so once again this time around. No, it is not a lock and I don't ever try to promote any game as such. That crap is for the scammers. It is what I promote it as. And backed up with legitimate winning past results. 

Many thanks as always guys and best of luck to us. Enjoy the games. 
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Thu, Sep 29 2016
10:20 AM

I lost a free play and he freaked. Plain and simple, most of us know the way of it with some around here. Back in school every class had their special ones, lol.

Anyway, I passed on a featured release both sunday and monday nights. Not so tonight. I have loaded one for tonights NFL game. We got the weekend off in style last thursday with the Patriots handling the Texans. I expect another winner here tonight.

Good luck guys and enjoy your weekend.

Mod 2
Thu, Sep 29 2016
9:04 AM

npzick1399 - 3 day ban for disrespect.

Thu, Sep 29 2016
8:56 AM

[quote user="npzick1399"]There is no one in this world who thought the bears would win except you. You have no business selling picks to the public sir, none period you are either incompetant or in on something offshore.dick head!!!

[/quote] wow who the hell do you think you are

you come on this site Brand new and start talking like a P O S.listen man if you're going to be part of pr game community lose the Disrespect. 

Wed, Sep 28 2016
7:51 AM

Just got it emailed to Me   Lets Cash it Bro!!

Wed, Sep 28 2016
7:50 AM

Just loaded up a Triple Star NFL Rabid Dog for this sunday. Swept both NFL Triple star featured releases last weekend with both dogs winning outright. New England and Minnesota. Since the 2012 season the mark with these releases stands at 63-31, 67% winners for us.

Good luck this week guys. Enjoy the games.

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Sun, 10/02/16 - 1:00 PM spartan | NFL Side
free pick 253 CLE 8.0 (-110) Westgate vs 254 WAS
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Two Time NFL Handicapping Champion!
Spartan passed on the sunday night NFL prime time game. He did likewise with the monday night prime time game. Spartan's clients know full and well he does not publish featured releases unless he means it. Not every site has that approach, as we all know. Now it is onto a new football weekend and Spartan is coming out firing with his DOLPHINS-BENGALS PRIME TIME WINNER! Last week Spartan got the weekend off and rolling in style with the Patriots over the Texans for an easy, no dram winner. Now he has a rock solid Double Star winner once again loaded & ready. Spartan picks his spots, this IS one of those spots tonight. And for tonight it's available for only $21, ENJOY!$$$$$$$$
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Pregame Professonal handicapper Spartan is a two time NFL handicapping champion who swept the Triples last weekend in the NFL cashing with ease on both the Patriots over Houston and the Vikings over the Panthers. Spartan is an old school handicapper who measure success the old school way. Long term winning results, not short term runs. It's the approach respected & appreciated by veteran sports bettors. The FACT is Spartan is 63-31 with his NFL Rabid Dogs since the 2012 season. That is a stellar 67% winners. REAL talk about REAL numbers. 32 more games than not Spartans clients have cashed the ticket. Now it is onto sunday and Spartan has loaded up his MONSTER NFL TRIPLE RABID DOG SHOCKER! If you liked the Patriots and Vikings last week as they both won outright, you will love this weeks rabid dog triple. And yes, he is keeping it reasonable as always at only $25, should be another pure money winner for us. ENJOY!$$$$$$$$
Sports: NFL; number of picks: 1
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09/25 NFL Side 7.0
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