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  • Eight Of Nine Super Bowl Winners!
  • Overall Triples 420-299+281.85 Units
  • Rabid Dog Releases 269-149 62% +248.62 U
  • 2011-14 NFL Rabid Dogs 50-23,70% Winners
  • Won 19 of last 22 NFL P-Off Triples 89%
updated: August 1 at 5:49 PM PT

Is A Football Service For You?

Maybe yes, and frankly maybe not. I know that is not what is expected. It is that time of year when the sports services are circling potential customers like a pack of jackals. Football betting is far and away the most popular sport in this country to wager on and naive, newer sports bettors flood the market every year. To be candid they are like chum in the water to some of these sharks. I have been involved in sports betting as both a handicapper and former bookie for four decades guys. Trust me when I tell you I know the drill, frontwards and backwards. People hear amazing claims of success and dream of some easy money and some good old fashioned instant gratification. There is one glitch however, and this is vitally important, the numbers you are having waved in front of your face are usually bullshit. Sometimes you just have to speak plainly. If you have unrealistic expectations quite frankly I would rather not have you join my list of clients. We will not win money every weekend, I guarantee you that. We will not have monster plays on every prime time game. We will not have Mega bailout monday night football releases. I don't deal in that carnival barking nonsense. But, I have a growing client base and a lot of repeat customers who have already signed on for another reason because I #1 Win more than not. #2 I treat my clients with the respect they deserve. #3 I let my clients know when the plays are released in a timely manner with real point spreads. #4 I don't have a game of the year every weekend. Anyone who does is an idiot. 

Guys, here are some facts and real numbers regarding my football service. They won't be as gaudy as some but I have one important thing going for me. It is all real. Over the past two seasons combined the overall record between college and NFL stands at 343-267. My top rated Triple Star releases over this stretch is 59-26. My special Rabid Dog releases are 24-11. Over the past two seasons we are up 114.40 Units. So depending on how much you wager per unit the math is not hard. How have I fared in the biggest games? The fact is I have cashed in on 19 of my last 22 NFL Playoff Triple Star releases. Not too damn shabby. I have also hit on 8 of my last 9 Super Bowl releases. Would have been 9 of 9 had they handed the damn ball off to Lynch in the last one, lol. But the bottom line is I make every effort to do this thing the right way. I am old school, I try to treat each and every client the way I would like to be treated. It amazes me that more services just cannot seem to get their brain around this simple business principle. They are too busy in their boiler rooms trying to scheme up some new pitch. It is sad and exactly why the majority of potential customers view this business with such a wary eye. Who can blame them, not I. There is nothing I can do about other sites. Not a thing. But I can take care of my own business in my own manner and I take pride in what I do. 

So, if you are out to make a killing and quit your day job I feel sorry for you. You have expectations that are out of whack. If you want an honest service that will likely have you actually collecting money from your man more often than not and put a halt to your constantly reloading that account then I can very well likely help you. Most services don't have repeat customers. I do. Many of my clients have been with me for some time now and have evolved into friends. And most friendships as we all know are built on a foundation of trust. It all starts there. Anyway, regardless of your decisions I thank you for stopping by and wish you the very best of luck guys. Enjoy the season. 
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Sun, Aug 2 2015
7:55 PM

Thanks Patrick. Hope all is well brother.

Sun, Aug 2 2015
7:11 PM


I put my trust in you last season for the CFB/NFL all access. Doubt you remember me but we were gonna meet up at Lambeau for a burger at the Cowboys/Packers playoff game (yeah it was a catch!!!!) but you had some other obligations. Just wanted you to know I'm a gearing for another season with your help, and if anybody reading this is on the fence about who to follow this year feel free to message me about how he/we did last year. Hearing from a subscriber has to be nice for a first timer or skeptic. Anyways, all the best to you Spartan and to everyone trying to break their book. And thanks.


Sat, Aug 1 2015
8:48 AM

Good deal. Beautiful place. Thanks and enjoy your weekend.

Sat, Aug 1 2015
5:34 AM
Thanks! I purchased your football package last year and made decent coin-family vacation to Turks and Caicos!
Fri, Jul 31 2015
6:59 PM

NFL 15-9, College 12-7.

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