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updated: November 20 at 7:48 PM PT

Saturday College & Sunday NFL Triples Loaded!

This will be brief. Rock solid Triple Star winner on Kansas State as they once again venture into Morgantown and depart with another outright winner. Wasn't the absolute slaughter this time as it was last time there but they still took the win with them as they got on the plane home. I am looking at a possible huge Triple for college on saturday as well. If everything checks out as I hope I will have it up and loaded by sometime friday. I do have an NFL Triple already up and loaded for sunday. 78% on those over the past two seasons. Enough said on that. NOW, because I believe in telling all sides and I hate it as much as you guys do when cappers ignore both sides, I had singles on the Chiefs and the under. Just telling it like it is. Props to those on the winning side there. It is what it is. Oakland beat the Chiefs. I hate excuses and don't get into that nonsense. Nice call guys. I win long term with the NFL but hell no, don't cash every ticket. That was the Raiders night. 

Also, I see the college hoops season package offer is still up. Every selection between now and march madness at a very reasonable rate. Many thanks to those who have come on board. I know you are bombarded with offers out there. This is a legitimate deal guys. Based on last seasons volume it broke down to about $1.70 per release. 

Okay, back to work. Thanks guys and as always best of luck with our action!!

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Sat, Nov 22 2014
12:31 AM
Tell us why u like Baylor or other picks u post.
Fri, Nov 21 2014
8:55 AM

Had K State brought their A game they would have beat the hell out of that team. I'm sure Snyder was not satisfied. The final game against Baylor is shaping up as a doozy. Thanks and good luck this weekend pal.

Fri, Nov 21 2014
8:51 AM
Boy did K State want to give that game away or what!! Settling for FG's and giving up TD's in second half was a little scary. Glad it cashed for us. I like your free pick for Saturday. Baylor ROLLS!! Have a nice weekend!!
Fri, Nov 21 2014
4:57 AM
Thu, Nov 20 2014
8:43 PM
Thanks as usual

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Sat, 11/22/14 - 7:30 PM spartan | CFB Side
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