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  • Former local bookie
  • Mentored by coaching legend Cotton Fitzsimmons
  • Called #1 NFL Capper in world by Columbia Daily Tribune
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  • Eight Of Nine Super Bowl Winners!
  • Overall Triples 445-320+286.24 Units
  • Rabid Dog Releases 281-159 62% +255.06 U
  • 2011-15 NFL Rabid Dogs 54-26,67% Winners
  • Won 19 of last 22 NFL P-Off Triples 89%
updated: November 30 at 6:01 AM PT

Tough Times Reveal The Character Of The Man!

If you bet on sports long enough you get to the point where it takes a helluva lot to truly shock you. As I have often said I made my first bet in Jr High school back in 1971. It was on the first Ali and Frazier fight. That was 44 years ago. Needless to say I have seen a lot. Great, epic streaks as well as horrendous, inexplicable losing streaks. I tried to be different from the herd and actually learn as I went. To learn from mistakes and grow from it. To refuse to just be another sports gambling victim. I was a bookie for many years. I saw how people bet up close and very personal. I saw and observed the bad habits of chronic losing sports bettors. I made a lot of money. Both betting and booking. I had enough success I was offered a position selling my selections. For the most part in my ten years as a Pregame pro things have gone well Nobody, and I mean nobody is exempt for the bad swings. Obviously this NFL season in particular has not been anything close to my past standards. If I knew the precise reason why it would have been corrected. I am the same guy that won 20 of 24 NFL Triples in the 2013 season. I am the same guy who has cashed 19 of the last 22 NFL Playoff Triples. I do the same work. I have my process I have evolved through the years. I assure you I very much care. Talk is cheap guys, I get that. When you are in a bad stretch there is just about literally nothing you can say to appease most. I get that. I have a really, really wide variety of clients. Some guys get the big picture and have been supportive. They have been at it awhile and see that big picture. It happens, to everyone from time to time. Some just acknowledge it, some, or many in fact just don't. They want to create the image that they never have losing streaks. That if people just follow them the path will be lined in gold. Well, I reside in reality. Bad seasons can happen to us all, and do. And then there are the clients who are angry because they feel I am terrible and lied to them. Well, I have been providing terrible results in the NFL, my strongest sport historically. I admit that openly. But if people will honestly reflect on this one point. I have stressed from Day One self discipline and money management. Because of these exact times. THESE times that can and do happen to every service out there. 

Here is the deal guys. I will keep working hard. I would say harder but that is not possible. I remain confident because this too shall pass. It always has. Usually with an epic run of sick proportions. What do I base this confidence on? 44 years of experience. The books do not own our money guys, they are merely holding it for us. I did not make up those long term numbers. What goes around comes around. In spades. Okay, back to work I go. 
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Tue, Dec 1 2015
8:11 AM

good morning my brother like you said you can't please everybody . I will speak for myself I  never  ever had a season like this in 36 or38 year's of betting on sports its been bad 90 percent of my bets are underdogs at least. home underdogs are getting killed week after week year's back the home underdog was a gold mine. like I said this year chalk after chalk  the better team's are winning like I have never seen before . the year is not over with if there is anybody pro that can make this a winning year it's you my brother bol this week

Tue, Dec 1 2015
8:05 AM

Wow that will be Awesome. And Wife and I will. Retirement in 10 Months and counting.  It sounds Great !

Tue, Dec 1 2015
7:29 AM

Oh Johnny, have I ever. Almost weekly. It is amazing. Whenever Brent Musberger is in town doing a broadcast he get's Shakespeares Pizza. I always get the masterpiece. The thing must weigh ten pounds. My youngest daughter was a night manager there while attending college. Good people and fabulous pizza. If you ever get your butt down here I will be glad to treat you.

Tue, Dec 1 2015
7:13 AM

Hey Steve   You ever eat Pizza at Shakespeare's in Columbia?    Heard They have awesome Pizza.

Tue, Dec 1 2015
4:45 AM

I passed on that Browns and Ravens game last night and just tuned in as an impartial observer. There was nothing about it from a betting standpoint to sway me. I couldn't find it in myself to trust the Browms. But the Ravens were so beat up I was leery of them as well. In the end it was a entertaining game to watch. Those poor Browns fans.  They are great fans and deserve better than what they've been getting for a long time now.

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