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updated: December 21 at 1:38 PM PT

NFL Sweep Would Have Been Nice But No In The Cards!

Okay, another NFL weekend is in the books. We were going for the sweep but the Cardinals had just too much stacked against them and the Seahawks brought everything they had under the hood. After the dust settled we ended up with a 6-1 mark over the weekend in our NFL releases highlighted by the Triple Star winner on the Vikings. As always, many thanks to those who came along. 

Okay, the NFL Playoffs are looming and Pregame has an excellent offer for the rest of the season right through the Super Bowl. Here is a stone cold fact. I've cashed in on a sick 16 of my last 18 NFL Playoff Triple Star releases. The post season is somewhere I typically shine and put a hurt on the books. If you are looking for a legitimate value for a NFL playoff package then I don't think you will find anything more reasonable that what the company is offering. It will include obviously all Triples and I will likely have one Playoff game of the year, and yes, last years cashed with Seattle. I am not into heavy touting, those are the facts and I hope you give it some consideration. 

Incredibly busy time of year and I assure you I am on it guys. Thanks and I hope everyone has a very, very safe and merry christmas. Take care.
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Mon, Dec 22 2014
12:31 PM

Inwood, those guys will be back. They thrive on only the negative. I've observed their type for many years here. We've all seen it time and again. They have no impact on me. I do appreciate your support and have for some time. I hope you and your family enjoy a merry christmas my friend.

Okay, on the business side. I have published my first college hoops featured release since the December 13th winner. This selection is a Double Star release. Good luck today with your action guys. Enjoy the games.

Mon, Dec 22 2014
5:54 AM
Where's the guy who is so quick to react after a tough day?
Sun, Dec 21 2014
2:53 PM

Thanks guys, need the Raiders to hang tough and then close it out tonight.

Bama man
Sun, Dec 21 2014
2:42 PM
Nice work. What a great safety as it turns out. What a game!
Sun, Dec 21 2014
2:16 PM

Thanks DM, you too. I agree, that one caught me eye early on.

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Mon, 12/22/14 - 10:35 PM spartan | NBA Sides
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