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JR ODonnell
  • Former ESPN Radio Host
  • Former PGA caddy
  • "Five Factor" Handicapper
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  • 7-4 NBA SOLID RUN (64%)..
  • 100-92-1 Run 3* Best Bet All Sports
  • 637-591-14 All Sports 3* Run!
  • 247-217-6 All Sports Run!
updated: January 18 at 2:34 AM PT

3*'s sharp and powerful.... Let's Hang GREEN

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JR ODonnell
Wed, Jan 18 2017
2:57 PM
JR_Odonnell 3* CBB GOW -UP AND 3* BONUS CBB TOP UP ALSO ... let's roll guys has the Twins, Free = Over GSW/Thunder NBA
JR ODonnell
Wed, Jan 18 2017
2:09 PM
thanks Wilbur ...let's roll 2night as the 3*3* GOW
wilburs beard
Wed, Jan 18 2017
8:23 AM

Bol today my friend

JR ODonnell
Wed, Jan 18 2017
3:21 AM
JR ODonnell
Wed, Jan 18 2017
2:42 AM
3* GOW CBB 3* Bonus CBB top both lined up tonight, last night Ball State crushed.. FREE REAL SOON

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Wed, 01/18/17 - 10:35 PM JR ODonnell | NBA Total
free pick 518 GSW / 517 OKL Over 227.0 Greek
Analysis: Free NBA Rocking Total = Over 227 Thunder/ Warriors as the total = Power Rated @ 234.. Love the Over Here !!

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637-591 3* Top Run...
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