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Greg Shaker | today's note
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Brad Powers | today's note
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Dave Cokin | today's note
Free Pick: Winnipeg at Los Angeles
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Spartan | today's note
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Pauly Howard | today's note
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Bruce Marshall | today's note
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Mon, 03/20/17 - 9:05 PM Dave Cokin | NHL Money Line
Free pick 60 EDM (-130) Westgate vs 59 LOS
Analysis: These are now must games for the Kings. They are in dire straits to make the playoffs. But must win doesn't always translate into will win, and that was certainly the case on Sunday evening as LA was defeated at Calgary. There's still talent on the Kings, but they're an aging team and it's becoming readily apparent that this is likely the end of their era. I think the players know it and while it's not like they're going through the Motions, the Kings are simply not very good right now. LA was able to garner only 9 of a possible 14 points on their recent home stand, and whole they aren't dead for the post season, the Kings are now close to life support. The game means as much if not more to the Oilers. Edmonton is in great shape for a wild card, but they still have a real shot to win the division and improve their position for the playoffs. The Kings will try to turn this into a grind, while the Oilers would love to play it wide open. Edmonton can win either style, I don't believe the Kings can, however, as they're simply not good at all when things speed up. It's in the price, but I feel Edmonton is the side tonight and I'll therefore go ahead and lay the money line with the Oilers.
Add to CartCBB March Madness All-Access!
REDUCED PRICE: Access thru Final 4!
$200.00 $69.00 from Dave Cokin
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