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Wed, 04/19/17 - 8:10 PM Andy Iskoe | NBA Sides
triple-dime bet 703 OKL 8.0 (-115) Greek vs 704 HOU
Results: W, $300
Analysis: Even though these are professionals, embarrassment is still a powerful motivator especially when that embarrassment occurs in front of a national TV audience and involves one of the leading contenders for MVP honors.  Such is the situation for Russell Westbrook and his Oklahoma City Thunder teammates who were embarrassed Sunday in their 118-87 loss in the opening game of their first round series at Houston.  Houston is the better of the two teams and deservedly favored to advance to the next round.  These teams have now met 5 times this season with Houston winning 4 of the games following OKC's 2 point win in their first meeting in mid November.  The next two meetings resulted in Houston wins by 3 and 2 points before the Rockets won by 12 in their final regular season meeting.  OKC generally can be counted on to win the rebounding battle but they did not do so in Sunday's loss.  Houston was highly motivated in that opening game which was not surprising given the debate surrounding the MVP race between Westbrook and Houston's James Harden and the Rockets were out to make a statement even though the MVP considers only the regular season.  Statement made.  Look for tonight's game to be more evenly contested and although I expect Houston to win I expect the game to more resemble the first 3 meetings between the teams this season, rather than the most recent pair.  After a game such as Sunday's, OKC is the team much more likely to make key adjustments than is Houston for which everything they did seemed to work.  And the Rockets might just have a case of overconfidence entering this contest as well.

Pick Made: Apr 19 2017 9:50AM PST
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