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Sun, 03/19/17 - 7:30 PM Dave Essler | CBB Sides
dime bet 733 Oakland, Mich 9.0 (-110) vs 734 Richmond
Results: L, -$110
The more I look at this game the more I think Cincinnati can win it outright. The only teams that beat them were SMU, UCF, Butler, etc. Uglies. That's not UCLA, who struggles with the slow and tough teams. I'll take my chances with +8.5 here. It's only one marble and we're 3-0 today, so zero point in giving back the equity here, IMO.

I know my Australian friends like this stuff - I like Oakland to win, but they ARE a road team. So, a little degenerate gamble with one of our early marbles:

Two team basketball teaser, again something that is simply not a great +EV thing to do - you should be able to bet 4.5 point teasers at -110. If you have a local or can't, then bet them each smaller. You can STILL try to middle UCLA - again, this is a horrid long term strategy and something I am very selective with, so don't learn from it, please :)

Oakland +9 to Cincinnati +8.5

I like both teams - but don't want more risk, and there's a plan - if Oakland wins/covers, we can always take the UCLA ML to go for a nice middle - or not, actually. The Oakland game will be over by then - the UCLA game just won't start on time and even if it does we should be good, barring either overtime or them getting killed.

Pick Made: Mar 19 2017 3:20PM PST
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