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Wed, 01/11/17 - 10:30 PM Dave Cokin | CBB Sides
double-dime bet 770 Long Beach -6.5 (-110) Southpoint vs 769 CS Northridge
Results: L, -$220
Analysis: My side is at less than 100% physically tonight as Gabe Levin, one of Long Beach's better players, is sidelined with a knee injury. But the 49ers should be in good mental shape after getting a needed win over UC Riverside. By no means was that a scintillating performance, but it was a win, and the six-point margin was a bit misleading as Beach was up 15 in the second half and appeared to coast a bit after that. I like the fact they were at least able to notch a win off a pair of pretty ugly losses and did so with Evan Payne having a really lousy game. As for Northridge, they are also off a win as they went on the road and got past a very unsound Fullerton team. The Matadors are now 2-0 in Big West play, but I'm still hearing that all is not well with this team as far as chemistry is concerned. It would seem to be a good matchup for the home team, as their inconsistent offense won't be especially challenged against very inefficient CSUN defense. I see the line being a bit on the low side even with no Levin, so I'll go ahead and lay it here with Long Beach State.

Pick Made: Jan 11 2017 4:57AM PST
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