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Tue, 01/10/17 - 7:00 PM Greg Shaker | CBB Total
triple-dime bet 520 W.Virginia / 519 Baylor Over 139.0 Pinnacle
Results: W, $300
Analysis: If you have followed me enough you know that I am basically close mouthed on how we play CBB Totals and for that matter Totals in every sport. That is because we have developed methods that we believe are not yet discovered by those that set the lines that give us the Edge to Win. Spilling those BEANS is not something we ever plan to do. When I talk about WE I am referring to Myself, my Database Guy in South Carolina (A Brilliant Young Mind) and my Partner in Crime for a long time who lives out in Reno. 

All 4 CBB Models Love this play and the reason why we are recommending 3% Bankroll on it. We can tell you that expected PACE is high for this one. Both teams have very strong OE (Offensive Efficiency) and both REBOUND the Ball at a High Rate. We should see many trips to the Free Throw Stripe tonight because of this. Our primary concern here is the fact that both squads have displayed solid DE this season. Baylor is going to WANT to slow this game down and play good 1/2 Court. If they do we could be TOAST. Do we think they can accomplish that? NO and the reason why this is a High Percentage Play for us. This number was at 141 when it became widely available to bet and is now DOWN from that number. More details as needed but we are getting this one now. I am not sure at this point where this number will go from here so my best recommendation is to get it now...

11:45 EST Update: This number continues to fall and not at all surprised at that. We simply should have waited longer to get the better number but the one we got was very good.

Pick Made: Jan 10 2017 7:25AM PST
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