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Tue, 01/10/17 - 7:00 PM Dave Essler | CBB Total
triple-dime bet 538 Vanderbilt / 537 Kentucky Over 158.0 Pinnacle
Results: W, $300
Analysis: I like Kentucky here, too. It's the two public plays here, but it's going to take a lot of things to happen for this not get there. This is a 3* and I'll get the rating changed. First off, we know the Wildcats are going to control the pace no matter where this game is played, and add to that the fact that they suffered an "L" here last season. They may have a lot of new players, but Calipari remembers, trust me. It was also their lowest offensive output of the season, 62 points. This season Vanderbilt's defense isn't (or hasn't been) even close to the level they played at last season. Kentucky has not been turning the ball over, they ARE a great offensive rebounding team, and Vanderbilt has not been great on the glass. These are reasons to like the Wildcats, too. But, even though Kentucky has been a good perimeter defending team, Vanderbilt will be by far their biggest challenge. They shoot over 40% from behind the arc and have multiple players that can hit it. Vanderbilt may get some calls being at home, and they shoot a whopping 77% from the line. Every way I look at this Kentucky gets to 90 points - it's simply a matter of Vanderbilt contributing, and if they don't early, they will late because they'll simply have to push the pace. That could mean Kentucky gets to 100.  

In the NBA I am considering Utah. Pissed about missing a better number, so I might play it smaller.
Other CBB leans/possible adds:
Niagra: Manhattan shouldn't be -6 to anyone, really.
T-Tech ML: I like them last night, match up issue for K-State, but an leery of the market move so far.
Missouri: Yes, they have issues. It's Auburn on the road.
EMU ML: Simply following and they ARE the much better team.

That's not all inclusive - but a start.


Added BONUS for getting Uncle Dave's CBB 3* GOM tonight: Purchase the $300 gets you $500 in Pregame Dollars offer and email to get $50 additional Bulk Dollars added to your account!

Pick Made: Jan 10 2017 6:40AM PST
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