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Mon, 01/09/17 - 8:15 PM Ken Thomson | CFB Side
triple-dime bet 152 Alabama -6.5 (-110) vs 151 Clemson
Results: L, -$330

If we just base everything on the two Play-off Bowl Games it is easy
to see why a lot of money is coming in on Clemson.  Final Score 31-0
was legit - Ohio State offense was inconsistent all season and I was
not overly impressed with either the Buckeyes or Michigan all year.
If you listened to my radio show ( SportsXradio ) you heard me make
statements against the Big Ten all season long.
Urban Meyer's team rode the week two dominance of Oklahoma to a number
two ranking in the 4-team play-off.
Clemson dodged bullets all season long as well.  The Tigers were
fortunate to beat NC State in Death Valley as the Wolfpack missed a
last second 33 yard FG and eventually lost in OT-  the Tigers were not
so lucky a few weeks later on that same home field as they fell to Pat
Narduzzi's Pitt Panthers.  Deshaun Watson has played much better of
late than he did the first 10 games of the season as his 17
interceptions are an eye-opener.
He's tucked the ball and run more over the past few games and that is
key if they are going to knock off the Tide.
Alabama looked lethargic on offense vs. Washington in the Peach bowl.
If Jake Browning doesn't commit the Cardinal sin by throwing a pick
six inside his own 10 yard line with a minute left in the first half,
we were looking at a 10-7 halftime lead for Bama.
Alabama got another gift TD in the second half when both teams more or
less stopped playing after thinking RB Bo Scarborough's knee hit the
turf on a run.  Replay showed it did not and Scarborough scooted all
the way to paydirt while many stunned Huskie defenders only watched.
That was the dagger!
Jalen Hurts has been pretty good for a freshman QB and he has the
weapons that take pressure off.  The running game with Harris &
Scarborough is solid.  The receiving corp is the best all around in
CFB.  Ridley and Stewart will take the Clemson secondary deep while
stud Tight End OJ Howard will run underneath patterns against mostly
single coverage by a linebacker.  Major advantage Howard.  The Bama
offensive line should open up holes for Hurts to keep the ball and get
several big gains which will suck the linebackers up and expose single
coverage to any of the four dangerous wide outs which includes Bowling
Green Gehrig Dieter.  Oh, and don't forget about third running back
option for the Tide in Josh Jacobs, he can be a factor as well.
My analysis of Clemson on offense is that their O-line is not top tier
and Bama's D-Line led by Jonathan Allen will expose that.  If they
keep Watson and RB Wayne Gallman inside the tackles for the most part,
the Tigers will get rolled.
Alabama had 50 sacks and gave up just 24 on the season.  Watson better
feel the blindside because LB's Tim Williams ( 9 sacks ) & Ryan
Anderson ( 8 sacks ) will be testing it.
Bama has 22 take aways and 11 have been returned for touchdowns, one
of the most dominant stats I can remember.  Clemson has 21 takeaways
but they've turned it over 20 times themselves and that's where I
think the game will be won.
I think Bama wins the turnover battle and the sack battle and rolls by
double digits.

If Watson is able to play Superman and run for big gains then and only
then will the Tigers have a shot to dethrone the Tide.  I don't see
that happening.
Alabama 37 Clemson 17

Pick Made: Jan 7 2017 9:03PM PST
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