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Greg Shaker | today's note
SWEET 16 CBB TOTAL DOMINATOR27-7 CBB TOTALS WIN STREAK $25.00 $1.00 (for Thursday) Add to Cart
JR ODonnell | today's note
3*NIT GAME OF MONTH!Strongest NIT Play of Tourney $29.00 Add to Cart
sleepyj | today's note
NBA 3*** / "Total Of The Week" !!Fresh Off GOM = WINNER $6.00 Add to Cart
Ken Thomson | today's note
NEW: Discounted GOY Guarantee!Ken’s NCAA Tourney CBB Game of Year $60.00 $40.00 (for Thursday) Add to Cart
Ben Burns | today's note
Wednesday 3* NBA BLUE CHIP TOTAL!TOP RATED TOTAL! $29.00 Add to Cart
Bulk Dollars | today's note
New $100 gets you $200 Bulk Dollars100% Bonus for March Madness! $200.00 $100.00 Add to Cart
Goodfella | today's note
3* SWEET 16 GAME OF MONTH+ BONUS 3*OFF GOY WINNER + 27-13 CBB 3* GOM!! $25.00 (for Thursday) Add to Cart
Stephen Nover | today's note
NEW: Discounted GOY Guarantee!Nover’s NCAA Tourney Game of Year! $60.00 $40.00 (for Thursday) Add to Cart
Spartan | today's note
NEW: Discounted GOY Guarantee!Spartan’s CBB Game of Year! $60.00 $40.00 (for Friday) Add to Cart
Brady Kannon | see more
WGC Match PlayNew Plays Every Day Through Sunday! $25.00 (for Tuesday) Add to Cart
Dave Essler | today's note
* CBB 3* Max Bets - Both Days *3* Bets -Thurs/Fri 65% Max Wins ! $27.00 (for Thursday) Add to Cart
Fezzik | today's note
3* NCAA Thursday SHOOTOUTWe BOMB an OVER! $25.00 (for Thursday) Add to Cart
Brad Powers | today's note
CBB March Madness All-Access!REDUCED PRICE: Access thru Final 4! $200.00 $69.00 Add to Cart
Dollar-A-Day | see more
5-Pros: 5 Premium Picks DailyLess than $1 a Day! $1 Week Trial! $29.00 $1.00 Add to Cart
Dave Cokin | today's note
CBB March Madness All-Access!REDUCED PRICE: Access thru Final 4! $200.00 $69.00 Add to Cart
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Mon, 01/09/17 - 8:15 PM GoodFella | CFB Side
triple-dime bet 151 Clemson 7.0 (-125) Pinnacle vs 152 Alabama
Results: W, $300
"CFB Championship Max" 3* on CLEMSON +7 (buy to +7 if you can/wan't)

Note: There are a couple +7 (-120) available. I am listing (buy half point) to get the +7 if you have limited outs. If you do not want to pay for the half point, that is fine. I would play this down to Clemson +4.5 for a 3* Max size bet fwiw. I have played a portion of my wager on the Clemson money-line as well. GREAT VALUE on this Clemson club catching 6.5 to 7 points IMO and I am all over this very good Clemson club. The Tigers have a major edge at the QB position, especially experience wise with Watson. He was outstanding in his last season's title game, as Bama really had issues with his dual threat ability. I expect Watson to have success again, as he is playing very good football right now. These Tigers have IMO the best WR in the country as well in Williams & this tandem should have their share of success this evening. I for sure respect this Bama club, but I do think they're limited on offense & that may come back and bite them this evening, vs this very good Clemson club, who are out for payback from last year's 5 point loss. The bottom line for me here, is I do feel very strong that Clemson is a live dog here and could definitely win this game outright. I see this game coming down to the final couple possessions and I'm all over the +7 points. I expect a very competitive close game, and I'm all over the CLEMSON TIGERS and the points on Monday Night.


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Pick Made: Jan 1 2017 12:14PM PST
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