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sleepyj | today's note
Free Pick: Pittsburgh at Philadelphia
CFB 3*** / "Game Of The Week" !!!This Line Is Wrong !! $6.00 Add to Cart
Goodfella | today's note
PAC-12 3* TRIPLE DIME DOMINATOR MAX20-8 (71%) PAC-12 CFB WIN STREAK!! $24.00 Add to Cart
Spartan | today's note
Free Pick: Los Angeles at Tampa Bay
TRIPLE DOG GAME OF THE MONTH!68% Winners Last Five Seasons! $25.00 Add to Cart
Stephen Nover | today's note
Free Pick: Idaho at UNLV
3* CFB 'DOG OF MONTH + BONUS Monster 20-8-1 (71%) CFB Run! $25.00 Add to Cart
Dave Essler | today's note
* NFL Max-Bet (3*) Triple Dime *8-1 Max Bets - 4-0 NFL Triples ! $25.00 (for Sunday) Add to Cart
VegasButcher | today's note
Free Pick: Oakland at Tennessee
Top NFL Play for Week 34-0 Premium Plays to start the year $5.00 (for Sunday) Add to Cart
Greg Shaker | today's note
Rocky Atkinson | today's note
Rocky's CFB Game of the Week60% in CFB this year! $20.00 Add to Cart
Dave Cokin | today's note
Free Pick: Baltimore at Jacksonville
3* NFL GAME OF MONTH! Biggest NFL Release This Week! $25.00 (for Sunday) Add to Cart
JR ODonnell | today's note
Free Pick: Los Angeles at Tampa Bay
3* CFB GAME OF WEEK HAMMER 3* CFB SIDES @ (4-2) 67% Yes Sir $25.00 Add to Cart
King Creole | see more
CFB Sat Night 2** OVER the TOTALOn one of the ESPN networks! $19.00 Add to Cart
Fezzik | today's note
CFB 4:30 PST Big 10 LATE RELEASEBEST LATE GAME SIDE of the Day! $15.00 Add to Cart
Bruce Marshall | today's note
Bruce Saturday College FB BIG 5!TRIPLE RATED GAME OF MONTH SATURDAY $39.00 Add to Cart
Ben Burns | today's note
BURNS' 3* GAME OF THE WEEK!(104-73 ATS FOOTBALL RUN) $29.00 Add to Cart
Bulk Dollars | today's note
$99 Gets You $150 Bulk Dollars!OVER 50% Bonus! Spend How You Want! $150.00 $99.00 Add to Cart
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Tue, 05/20/14 - 8:40 PM vegas-runner | NBA Sides
triple-dime bet 506 IND 3.0 (-120) vs 505 MIA
Results: L, -$360
Analysis: ***  NBA PLAYOFFS 3* TRUE STEAM  ***

PACERS +3 (-120)...(3*)

Bovada using +3.5 and Strip offering up plenty of +3's too..I'd buy the hook if your book caught STEAM and moved to 2.5

Pick Made: May 20 2014 2:23PM PST
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