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Sun, 05/04/14 - 1:35 PM Marco D'Angelo | MLB Money Line
double-dime bet 906 ATL (-130) William Hill vs 905 SFG
Results: L, -$260


We are going to back the Braves at home as they look to avoid being swept by the Giants. I have several factors that all line up on me taking Atlanta here. First off I have not been a fan of Madison Bumgarner this season. Bumgarner has a decent ERA at 3.74 but it really should be much higher as his WHIP is 1.73 this season meaning he has been getting out of a lot of jams. Atlanta has only faced 3 lefties sos far but they are 3-0 and are averaging 5.7 runs a game in those 3 games. Alex Wood goes for the Braves and this will be the first time Wood has faced San Francisco which as we always say the Pitcher has the advantage over the hitters first time.  Wood has has pitched 6 times this year giving up 1 run 4 times and 2 runs once. His only bad start was against Miami last time out when he was pitching against Miami for the 2nd time in 7 days. Atlanta is 20-5 in Home Day Games the last 2 seasons. When Atlanta is held to 2 runs or less and are at home they are 40-15 in their next game over the last 3 seasons. Atlanta at Home following a loss is 25-7 the last 2 seasons. Atlanta wins 5-2.


Pick Made: May 4 2014 8:52AM PST
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