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Thu, 04/10/14 - 7:10 PM Marco D'Angelo | MLB Money Line
double-dime bet 908 ATL (-137) Hilton vs 907 NYM
Results: L, -$274

PERFECT 9-0 MLB WIN STREAK: It's on again in 2014 for Major League Baseball and Greg Shaker is on a Perfect 9-0 MLB WIN STREAK. Most already know that this in No Fluke as Shaker has DESTROYED this Sport for Many Years. He is on his game again and Blowing out Books like they are standing still. His 1st 3* MLB Play this year was Nice and Easy and this one is going to be too. It happens Thursday and it is the TRIPLE DIME MLB TOTAL DESTROYER. It will come with all the Details you need to know to DESTROY Your Man!! You simply cannot sit on the Sidelines for this BIG PLAY Alert and the Best Time to Get it is Now! While everyone else will be paying $25.00 for this play youONLY pay $10.00 when using COUPON CODE SPECIAL60!

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After taking 2 of 3 from Washington in Washington over the weekend Atlanta returned home and lost the first game of the series on Tuesday. Losing that first game to the Mets didn't surprise me as after the big series with Washington coming up flat was to be expected. What was also to be expected was that Atlanta would bounce back in the second game which they did last night. The Atlanta pitching staff especially the starters have been super all season. The Braves have only allowed more than 3 runs once all season and in that game they gave up 4 runs and that was the first game back at home after the Washington series. Expect another huge pitching effort tonight as they send Rookie David Hale to the mound. In his first start of the season Hale was brilliant pitching 5 shutout innings at Washington. Hale was called up late last season and got 2 starts so in 3 career starts he has given up just 1 run. This will be the first time the Mets have seen him and you know I always say that the Pitcher has the advantage over the hitter first time thru the league. Given the fact that the Mets don't score a lot of runs I expect Hale to shut them down as well. I have Atlanta winning this 4-2 and taking 2 of 3 in the series.


Pick Made: Apr 10 2014 8:50AM PST
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