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Wed, 04/09/14 - 8:05 PM Marco D'Angelo | MLB Money Line
double-dime bet 959 PIT (-118) Hilton vs 960 CHC
Results: L, -$236

A lot of people will want to to take Hammel tonight in this match up because he looked so good in his first start which was against the Pirates. The fact is that it was a 3-2 pitchers duel but if you dig deeper you will see that part of the success for Hammel was that that was the first time the Pirates had faced him since April of 2011 so the Pirates really weren't familiar with his stuff and we always say the pitcher has the advantage over the hitters first time around. Getting to face him twice in a 7 day period swings the advantage to Pittsburgh. Also in the game Pirate starter Wandy Roriguez was making his first start since June5th of last year as he missed the rest of the season with an injury. Rodriquez gave up a run in each of the first 3 innings then pitched shutout ball the next 3 innings. Once he got in a groove he looked like his old self and I expect to see more of that tonight. Hammels has been a mediocre pitcher his entire career and that first start was not his norm. Rodriquez will dominate this game and when it gets to the late innings the Pirates have the better bull pen. The Cubs are just 26-54 vs the NL Central the last 2 seasons and as a Underdog of +150 or less they are just 70-117. Pittsburgh wins this 5-3.


Pick Made: Apr 9 2014 3:15PM PST
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