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Free Pick: Coastal Carolina at Ill.-Chicago
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Free Pick: Indiana at Boston
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Free Pick: Philadelphia at Oklahoma
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Fri, 03/28/14 - 7:15 PM Marco D'Angelo | CBB Sides
triple-dime bet 879 Tennessee 3.0 (-110) William Hill vs 880 Michigan
Results: W, $300


Tennessee is 8-1 the last 9 with the only loss being by 7 to Florida. Tennessee is 7-2 ATS over those 9 Games. Tennessee has had the easiest road to here even though they had to play their way in as they faced a struggling Iowa team and then an average U Mass and then a school coming off the biggest win in their history Mercer. Two hot clubs and something has to give as Michigan is 9-1 last 10 with only loss to Mich St in Conference Championship Game. Tennessee has been playing complete basketball as they are playing great defense right now. Tennessee has out rebounded their opponents in 12 straight games and it's been by a wide margin. Tennessee takes care of the basketball as they have had 8 or fewer TO's in 5 of the last 8 games. When you play solid defense, out rebound your opponent and don't turn the ball over your going to win. SEC is 8-0 so far. Finally based on the Line it's like they are begging you to take Michigan as you have a #2 vs an #11 and this line is low. My numbers have Tennessee winning this by 4 or more.


Pick Made: Mar 28 2014 7:58AM PST
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