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Sun, 01/19/14 - 6:30 PM Brady Kannon | NFL Side
double-dime bet 303 SFX 3.5 (-110) Greek vs 304 SEA
Results: L, -$220
Analysis: In the AFC Championship we get the greatest quarterback rivalry and in this one, we get the best team rivalry throughout the league. Two very similar teams The 49'ers and Seahawks; great defense, young athletic quarterbacks, NFC West Division, two coaches that came from The Pac-12... but I believe the difference today will be that The 49'ers have become the slightly better team as of late while Seattle has lost just a few chinks in its armor.. and the line reflects exactly this.. if San Francisco is a little bit better but The Seahawks get 4-points for that tremendous home field advantage, the line becomes 3.5. Last week we saw The Saints contain Russell Wilson and hold the Seattle offense to just 3-field goals and a Marshawn Lynch TD run late in the 4th quarter. It was The Saints offense that truly gave up the other touchdown via turnover. Wilson has thrown for less than 200-yards in his last five games and against The Saints he was 9-of-18 for just over 100-yards. Meanwhile, Colin Kaepernick has thrown for a total of over 400-yards in his two playoff games, on the road, and rushed for over 100. He is becoming lately what Wilson was early in the year and visa-versa. If you look at where the weaknesses are in these two teams, you could point to The Seahawks' offensive line, Seattle's defense against the run, and San Francisco's defense against the pass. With the reigns being taken off of Kaepernick, I feel the 49'ers running game can have some success, as we saw The Saints do to the tune of 80-yards in the first half last week. In constrast, with Wilson struggling, I am not sure if Seattle will be able to go to the air and take advantage of this soft spot on the San Francisco side. I am not expecting there to be a landslide advantage for either side in this very close matchup but these are the possibilities that I see. As for the situation, The 49'ers will look to become the 4th straight team to go to The SuperBowl via three straight playoff wins on the road. Coach Harbaugh is 12-and-2 ATS against elite opponents while Coach Carroll is just 1-and-7 ATS in division as a favorite of more than 3-points when coming off of two straight wins. And while Russell Wilson has a terrific ledger ATS at home, Kaepernick is 10-3-and-1 ATS on the road. This ought to be an absolute brawl and I think whomever wins, it will only be by a field goal or less - this is why the +3.5 is crucial. No NFC #1 Playoff Seed has won The SuperBowl in the last 14-years and we're arguing that they may not even get there this year. 49'ers in close one.

Pick Made: Jan 16 2014 9:54AM PST
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