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Add to Cartpro-bettor**JOE GAVAZZI'S RIVALRY GOY!!!**
$49.99 from Joe Gavazzi
It's time, everyone, for my BEST BET TOP RIVALRY GAME OF THE YEAR for CFB! I've done some exhausting research for this one and I've got it nailed down just right. 
Sports: CFB; number of picks: 1
Add to Cartpro-bettorOh Yeah!!! 3* CFB/ 2* CBB 5* Friday
61 units & a smooth 171-114 3* Run
$29.00 from JR ODonnell
3*'s at 171-114 run and the 3* CFB is a TOP Play Blast & bonus 2* CBB Jam... 5* on the Black Friday Ticket.... both by noon {12ish} today
backing it down till 2:30 east
Sports: CBB, CFB; number of picks: 2
Add to Cartpro-bettor$300 gets you $500
40% Bonus on Your Money!
$500.00 $300.00 from Bulk Dollars
40% Bonus on Your Money. Spend ANY WAY You Want! Purchase this package and you'll get $500 Bulk Dollars to spend any way you want whenever you want for only $300 (excluding monthly subscriptions like dollar-a-day and flex)! After purchase, your $500 dollars becomes available within minutes >> more...
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