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Win Streaks - hand-selected listing of today's most impressive win streaks!

Add to Cartpro-bettor3* NFL CONFERNCE GOM+3* NFL MAX BET
$28.00 from GoodFella
  GoodFella is RED HOT & ROLLIN' and is enjoying another STRONG WINNING NFL SEASON for himself and his clients! GoodFella is a very strong (67%) with his NFL Playoff Plays so far, which includes cashing in BOTH of his biggest bets. He easily cashed in his NFL Playoff Side Play of >> more...
{{Play(s) will be released by 6:00pm EST at the latest on Saturday}}
Add to Cartpro-bettor3* NBA GAME OF THE WEEK!
(100% PERFECT IN 2017!)
$29.00 (for Thursday) from Ben Burns
Ben Burns has just released his NBA GAME OF THE WEEK. Ben's NBA G.O.W. and G.O.M. plays are  100% PERFECT in 2017.  Not surprising, given that all his NBA is a remarkable 23-4. Don't wait for the line to move. Get down on this MEGA BLOCKBUSTER right away!
Sports: NBA; number of picks: 1
Get EVERY NFL Bet Fez Makes + Props
$39.00 (for Sunday) from Fezzik
BONUS:  I  have added a 3*GOLF MATCHUP BET OF THE MONTH TONIGHT!! This bet tees off EARLY Thursday Morning!  Get this bet bet in the NFL write up on the GB/ATL game currently up!
1st play is UP! Bonus Golf Play is UP!!
Sports: NFL; number of picks: 1
Add to Cartpro-bettor* AFC Championship 3* Max Bet *
8-0 NFL Max Win - Bonus/NFC/Props!
$25.00 (for Sunday) from Dave Essler
Dave has won EIGHT STRAIGHT NFL Max Bets and is so dialed into the NFL this season it's insane. He's quietly amassed nearly 30 marbles this season and looks to continue the run. He' KNOWS New England. He's KNOWS the rivalry. He's firing again and will include EVERYTHING ELSE he bets next >> more...
Play Released when things settle -
Sports: NFL; number of picks: 1
Add to Cartpro-bettor5-Pros: 5 Premium Picks Daily
Less than $1 a Day! $1 Week Trial!
$29.00 $1.00 from Dollar-A-Day
Premium picks from 5 different Pros daily. Members get the chance to sample single & double dime picks from each & every Pregame Pro! Obviously the biggest best bets are not included, though 5-Pros will provide many of the same premium picks that fill out top selling packages. >> more...
Add to Cartpro-bettor$25 Gets You $35 Bulk Dollars!
29% bonus on anything you buy!
$35.00 $25.00 from Bulk Dollars
29% bonus on anything you buy! Purchase this package and you'll get $35 Bulk Dollars to spend any way you want whenever you want for only $25 (excluding monthly subscriptions like dollar-a-day and flex)! After purchase, your $35 dollars becomes available within minutes and they NEVER expire. >> more...
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