Books Biggest Exposure MLB-CFB..3 Biggest Steam (w/ ESPN) Plays

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Pregame Blogs
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Books Biggest Exposure MLB-CFB..3 Biggest Steam (w/ ESPN) Plays

Bookies Biggest Exposure on MLB & CFB for Sunday (9-4-11)..Plus 3 Biggest Steam Plays !! by VegasRunner

  • Early 1-Sided Parlay Money Tied Into Later MLB & CFB = PHILLIES
  • Books 1-Sided by Public & Wiseguys on Same Side = CUBS
  • 2-Way Balanced Money (Sharps vs Public) = MAR/WV TOTAL

Check out today's audio for detailed market analysis on MLB & CFB betting action...Plus which "Moves" are wiseguy or public related...and Wiseguys "3" Biggest Steam Plays for Sunday...Includes ESPN Game FREE !!

  • VR, sharps woulda lost their ass on west mich had it not ended early.

  • UPDATE :

    I stated in audio that line-move on West Virginia was ALL public money related...That's supported now by the fact the betting syndicates are STEAMING the MARSHALL side...

    Books will still be heavy on the Favorite...But that was a perfect example of wiseguys sitting back and allowing the public to knock some lines out of whack, to where they offer value...Just like they were doing in NBA playoffs with late steam...VR

  • Thanks 801...My goal is to present the info and let each bettor/handicapper interpret it the way they see fit and hopefully they are able to find an edge in the market...I appreciate all the support and love to read all the replies on Twitter and in the thread from guys that use me as a source..It's a privilage that I don't take lightly and instead make sure I put a lot into each of luck, VR

  • Like Fazzer said..........."Great stuff as always VR."

  • Thanks Fazz...That's probably the best way to do it because you can see exactly what I'm talking about while having the prices up...Good thinking brother...GL this season. VR

  • Great stuff as always VR.  I love listening to these audios with the lines up on the screen...and putting all the pieces of the puzzle together..

  • UPDATE :

    With another round of STEAM...I've just confirmed the ROYALS have left the books exposed because the betting syndicates sent out another buy-order...making it a 1-sided bet game by wiseguys...VR