Books Biggest Exposure in MLB-CFB..Wiseguys Biggest Steam (9-4)

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Pregame Blogs
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Books Biggest Exposure in MLB-CFB..Wiseguys Biggest Steam (9-4)

Bookies Biggest Exposure on MLB & CFB for Friday (9-2-11)..Plus Wiseguys Biggest Steam Play !! by VegasRunner

  • 1-Sided Public Parlay Money = PHILLIES
  • Wiseguys & Public Leave Books 1-Sided = BRAVES
  • 2-Way Action (Sharps vs Public) = TOR vs NYY

Check out tonight's audio for detailed market analysis on MLB & CFB...Plus Wiseguys Biggest Steam Play in CFB for FREE (9-4 L//13) !!

  • WOW sharps couldn't been more wrong on tcu under. looks like last year, every friday night game went over with ease. Nice job sharps, 2nd half over play here

  • Thank you VR, have a great night.


  • Thanks VR. Why is the price lowering on the Phils & Brewers games if they are so one-sided?  Please advise.  Thank  you.

  • Fellas...I am heading down to the Strip to continue gathering info for Saturday's CFB and to meet up with National Football I may not be able to come through with more updates like I usually do, but I believe I covered a lot in the audio...

    Thanks again for all your support and I will be doing 2 Audios on Saturday to cover Day & Night CFB Betting...Plus I will be updating the Blog thread throughout...GL, VR