Books Biggest Exposure in MLB..Plus Wiseguys Biggest Steam !!

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Pregame Blogs
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Books Biggest Exposure in MLB..Plus Wiseguys Biggest Steam !!

Bookies Biggest Exposure in MLB Monday (8-30-11)..Plus Wiseguys Biggest Steam !! by VegasRunner

  • Public Money (Parlays Only) = BRAVES
  • Public Money (Straights/Pars) = RANGERS
  • 2-Way Action (Sharps/Public Opposite) = COL/ARZ

Check out tonight's audio for market analysis on MLB...Includes balance thanks to Wiseguys...Plus Wiseguys Biggest Steam Play !!

  • Thanks Todd...I really appreciate that my man and please feel free to offer up any advice because the goal is to be a source of info for other cappers and bettors so I want to make sure I'm presenting the info the best way possible...I just get so much stuff from so many books/sharps/etc that it's difficult at times to narrow it all down and share what matters most...Best of Luck, VR

  • Final Update :Late Steam Buy-Orders on Total

    OVER SD/LAD....We went UNDER yesterday but I think the sharps are right with the Over tonight...VR

  • really like these audio's VR. a lot of good info. hope it continues.

  • UPDATE :

    It's obvious the betting syndicates believe the oddsmakers have over-inflated these favs because they aren't working many scalps at all and just continue to increase their positions on a couple of dogs...making them BIG plays !!


  • UPDATE :

    CUBS...catching another round of STEAM from a couple different outfits..VR

    I would think they'll wait until closer to game time since it's a late game because public money on SF may force books to raise the line...but it's obvious they feel there's enough value to get down now, and not risk missing the party...GL

  • MLB Leans : All Received Steam


  • UPDATE :

    Wiseguys waited for books to raise the price on the Rangers so they can grab the value on the Rays..."Buy-Order" has been sent out so books should end up with balance by 1st pitch...VR

  • Great question...YES, they definitely steam Favs but not too much in MLB...They'll lay the vig to get +1.5 runs but it takes a lot of value for them to lay it on the ML...The data supports it's tough to turn a profit in MLB betting favs so they prefer to take the dogs...But point-spreads are different because you are laying -110 for dogs and favs...

    With that said, the Favs are usually inflated but NOT they'll definitely lay points in other sports...VR

  • do wise guys ever steam the favs?? it seems like all the wise guys steams are usually dogs....once again thanks for the info.......are you gonna be doing true steam for college football this year too VR......if so looking forward to it