Books Biggest Exposure..MLB-NFL MNF..Wiseguys Biggest Steam !!

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Pregame Blogs
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Books Biggest Exposure..MLB-NFL MNF..Wiseguys Biggest Steam !!

Bookies Biggest Exposure in MLB-NFL for Monday (8-29-11)..Plus Biggest Steam Play !! by VegasRunner

  • Biggest 1-Sided Public Bet = PHILLIES
  • 2-Way Action...Public/Wiseguys = MIN vs CWS

Check out tonight's audio for detailed market analysis of MLB and NFL boards...What Wiseguys are doing on MNF...Plus Wiseguys Biggest Steam Play (6-3 L/9) !!

  • Sorry Terp...That would have been a HELL YEA !! I found a 6 before game-time with 2 books and bet it, but wasn't able to get down as much as I wanted since they limit the action on totals...

    The days of getting 7 as the lowest total may be long gone...but there is still some value on games since they can only offer it so low...You just need to be much more selective when going Under anything less than 7...GL, VR

  • Vr my local gave 6.5 on the sd la total would that make it a premium play on the under for you? Thanks

  • DB...I was great to meet you as well my man...YES I am hoping to see 6 on that Total and if it does, then I may take a small piece...I miss the days when the lowest total offered was "7"...but there's still some spots where less still offers the best of it...GL, VR

  • Great to meet you guys.  Hey I see SD/LAD at 5.5 @ BetOnline...atOver  -130...5.5 is hard to pass.  You were leaning under @ 6? Has it moved again, I wouldn't doubt it.


  • No problem Winners...You should be able to work that middle, I see some 3.5's out there...VR

    UPDATE :

    Books end up 1-sided on OVER KC/DET...Public & Late Steam from Wiseguys !!

  • I´m glad to have Jets -2.5 now just have to wait to hit +3.5 on Giants or better,,,, as usual,,, thanks VR

  • Thanks Rounders...It's a privilage knowing so many good people are able to use the info..I'll continue to try and pass along as many concepts and insight on what, why, and when..things are happening in the betting market...Best of luck, VR...

    MLB Leans : RAYS, MARINERS, CUBS RL, & UNDER SD/LAD...Decided to stay very selective and cherry pick a best bet for the Premium Pass...GL

  • thanks once again for the audio VR.....i listen me a good prospective of how the wise guys think.....cheers

  • Fazz...couple more sharps steamed the TWINS according to a local I know that books a lot of outfits...And I'm sure most books who take primarily public money will be cheering the sharps and you in tonight !!

    UPDATE :

    Books seeing a lot of late "public money" being wagered on the OVER SD/LAD...With it being a late game, I expect they'll start taking a lot of straight bets if those parlays aren't still live with early favs...VR

  • I need these damn twins..