Books Biggest Exposure..MMA-MLB-NFL..Biggest Steam (6-1) Play !!

Pregame Blogs

Pregame Blogs
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Books Biggest Exposure..MMA-MLB-NFL..Biggest Steam (6-1) Play !!

Bookies Biggest Exposure in MMA-MLB-NFLX for Sat (8-27-11)..Plus Biggest Steam Play by VegasRunner

  • Public Parlays (Cross Sport) = ST LOUIS CARDINALS
  • Balanced Money = KC/CLE
  • Sharps & Public = HOUSTON TEXANS

Check out audio for detailed market analysis of MMA-MLB-NFLX for Tonight...Plus Wiseguys Biggest Steam Play (6-1) in NFLX !!

  • Thanks Fellas...Knowing so many good people are using the info makes me want to keep working hard to make sure it just keeps getting stronger for you guys...Best of Luck, VR

  • Missed you yesterday. Nice call on colts!

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  • Thank you VR, this is great info.


  • thanks for the info.....appreciate all the hard work your doing out there