Books Biggest Exposure in MLB..Plus "2" Biggest Steam Plays !!

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Pregame Blogs
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Books Biggest Exposure in MLB..Plus "2" Biggest Steam Plays !!


Bookies Biggest Exposure in MLB (8-24-11)..Plus 2 Biggest STEAM Plays by VegasRunner


Check out the audio for detailed "Market Analysis" and More...Plus "2" Biggest Steam Plays from Wiseguys in MLB Tonight !!

  • Really enjoy the daily audio VR...Thanks for taking the time for doing this.

  • Thanks VR. I follow Pinny, the Greek, and as a third I do use CRIS...LOL. Thank you for confirming that for me. CASH them all tonight VR.

  • UPDATE :

    MARLINS...catching late Steam from couple of different sharps...Don't expect many to follow since the adjustment should prevent getting "plus money" soon...VR

  • Thanks STL...You definitely want to keep your eye on The Greek because Spiro is one of the few books that are TRUE bettors that get respect...Meaning, he don't just piggy back his sharpest guy's action..he's willing to step out on his own...The only problem with that is he's willing to try and bait bettors into going against what he likes so he can get 11 to 10, rather than laying be cautious coming to conclusions...Fortunately, myself and PGF grew up with a kid who works closly with him so we get good stuff...

    Then make sure to keep an eye on CRIS...they are still as sharp as they come and willing to put out a number first and book the biggest action from respected outfits...

    Pinny still gets a ton of wiseguy money because they offer them great rebates and discounted lines...

    If you cover those should have offshore pretty much down...

    Here in depends what you are looking for, but Hilton Superbook is pretty sharp...

    Hope that helps point you in the right of luck, thanks again...VR

  • Thanks VR, greatly appreciated as always. Quick question if I may, for those of us who follow and study the lines, are there certain Books that are more reliable when gathering info? I follow 2 that I believe are reliable and wanted your opinion. Thanks in advance.

  • UPDATE :

    Confirmed...Another round of STEAM to hit the Cubs !!

  • UPDATE :

    Confirmed from "runner" friend here in Vegas that he's been asked to get down on the ROYALS again...He hit them once earlier today and is taking another position on them now...Most likely we'll see another outfit follow that lead which books will welcome since it provides more balance since late public money's on the Jays...VR