Books Biggest Exposure: MLB-NFLX..w/ 3 Biggest Steam Moves !!

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Books Biggest Exposure: MLB-NFLX..w/ 3 Biggest Steam Moves !!

Bookies Biggest Exposure in MLB & NFLX for Sunday (8-21-11) + 3 STEAM PLAYS by VegasRunner


Check out the audio for detailed market analysis on NFLX and MLB boards..Plus the "3" Biggest Wiseguy Steam Plays for Sunday !!

  • Damn..You guys are F*cking awesome...Waking up to those replies gets me so hyped and you can't imagine how much I appreciate knowing that sharp bettors are using the audio as a source of info they can trust...

    I promise you guys that I will continue to work on growing the network of contacts whose info helps me put it all together...which means we'll get even stronger and more accurate info because truth be told, I don't know what every sharp is doing...

    I have a lot of good stuff planned for you guys this upcoming football season because I want to continue being one of the sources you can depend on...

    Thanks again and best of luck, VR

  • Good job as always. Keep updates coming !

  • Thks VR

  •  I love your info I would eat it for breakfast if it came out earlier.  Do you have an opinion on The Dallas Game?

  • Are they adjusting the run line accordingly or is it hanging behind?

  • Update :

    As expected and stated in the audio...books continue to adjust the price on the Cardinals tonight based on public money already wagered, plus pending parlays that include them or close with them...

    It's obvious they are trying to entice some sharps out there to bet the Home Dog and help them limit their exposure because it will continue to grow as we approach game-time...

    Books are also getting OVER money but that's primarily being tied into parlays and they don't seem too concerned about it..Wiseguys went UNDER 9 when total went up and with the lack of straight bets from the public, the adjusted total reflects respect was shown...VR

  • FYI: VR, you may want to move back to posting threads as "blog" updates don't get sent to phone.  

  • Blue Dragon...It's a market analysis of WHY lines are moving and why they AREN'T...They show some positions that books are willing to take even though they are 1-sided, which tells us they feel they are getting the best of it...They also show those bets that the Betting Syndicates/Wiseguys have bet the heaviest...They also show when the "ticket count" don't mirror the "money bet"...

    It's a pretty accurate account of what the betting public and wiseguys are on..and also the reasons books are making certain adjustments...and not others..

    Bottom's a tool to give bettors/handicappers a market analysis they can trust...

    Thanks again for your support and best of luck ahead, VR

  • So these are plays that you SHOULDNT play??  Thanks.  

  • Update :

    Some HEAVY STEAM on UNDER FLA/SD...Even with a lot of late public money on the Over, there was enough pressure from sharps to force the adjustment from 6.5 down to 6...That's a pretty significant move considering the Over got straight money from bettors, like those 6's usually do...VR

  • My pleasure fellas,  I really apprecate the support...VR

    UPDATE :

    Wiseguys STEAMING the Pirates...Books were getting 2-way action from public so they are now EXPOSED on the REDS...VR


  • Thanks for dropping some knowledge VR.  

  • Update : I'll continue to Update the thread as "moves" go down because I wanted to get it out as early as possible..

    Just confirmed a "Late Steam" play on the ROYALS again..I like the +1.5 personally...It's definitely not one of the biggest steam plays, but there are a few sharps on the Home Dog...VR