CBB "TRUE STEAM" for Mon.."3-1" in 2010 !!

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CBB "TRUE STEAM" for Mon.."3-1" in 2010 !!

Allright fellas...We start the new week off by trying to cash in on a CBB "Early Move" made by the Betting Syndicates...and supported by my own Ratings/Numbers...We are "3-1" on those CBB "True Steam" BETS...And tonight, we'll try to add to that with a nice Home Dog on the added board...

More times than not...you can be sure that the majority of "moves" on the added board, are Wiseguy related...And more importantly for those of us that follow many of these Betting Syndicate Plays...Since the sportsbooks know that the betting public will rarely help them acheive any type of balance on these added board games...they go ahead and over-adjust...

And the best way to take advantage of that...is to allow them to make that adjustment, then employ some patience...Because what happens is that the books create such a "middle" opportunity for these Outfits...that as tip-off approaches...most times, they will go ahead and send out a "Buy-Order" on the "Other" side...to try and catch that "middle"...

This manuever then allows us to get almost as good of a line as the Outfits did...because once again, the sportsbooks will have to adjust for that "steam"...And if it happens to be an added game that the betting public is also getting involved in...many times, we will find ourselves with an even better number than those Betting Syndicates got...

Finally, because bettors see a line that has gone up and then down...or down, and then up...many times they will have no idea what side, if any...the Wiseguys are one...But because we have some very solid sources, who are behind many of these line moves that we see, each and everyday...we can be sure, on whether or not...it's actually a "True Position"...And in tonight's case, this is definitely "True Stream"...VR


CBB "TRUE STEAM" for MONDAY 1-11-10 :

1.) ST PETER'S opened +6....Now +4.5

The betting line for this match-up actually went up last night, because as more and more public bettors move over to basketball, from football...the sportsbooks aren't as afraid to put out a line...Because they know that they won't just be going up against the Wiseguys anymore...And when this line went up at 6, we immediately saw a few Outfits grab it...which forced the adjustment down to 5.5...Where it closed at on Sunday night, and where most books that had yet to offer a number, also opened it...

Then this morning, the race was on...Because after having some more time to break this match-up down, the Wiseguys realized that there was still plenty of value on the home dog...And because they also knew that this game wouldn't receive the kind of public action needed to force an adjustment, and possibly get an even better line by tip-off...as soon as one Outfit grabbed +5.5...the rest joined the party and began buying up all the +5.5 & +5's that were out there...

And this forced the books to drop the line to where we see it now...ST PETER'S +4.5.

LINE PREDICTION : Because I know from years of moving "steam"...that the lines the Outfits like to work middles around most in basketball...are those around the numbers 4,5,6, & 7...I believe that we just may see some try and decrease their position, in order to try and catch a nice "middle" to start the week...The reason for this is that those are the "key numbers" in basketball...Simply because of the reason, more games end by those margins, than any other...So I would not be surprised at all, to see this one creep back to 5 and even 5.5...at the "squarer outs"...Because those shops which don't accept much Wiseguy money, will almost certainly be booking Niagara from the betting public...With that said, if you see this one drop even 1/2 point more...then you can be 100% sure that the Betting Syndicates absolutely love this position...And more importantly, have uncovered some more supporting data...since they now have had more time to work on the match-up...As opposed to when they step up and take a position on an "opening number"...Those "early moves" are almost always based on the fact that the Outfit's Lines...differ from what the books hung up...And many times, those are the moves that they get off of completely...VR


Thanks again for all your support fellas...And remember, the oddsmakers/bookmakers are currently being forced to make some adjustments for all the bettors making their way over to basketball...Because of that, there will be plenty of good opportunities to profit...As long as you are able to identify when those adjustments are warrented, and when they are simply based on "Public Perception"...Best of Luck, Vegas-Runner.

  • CYO !!! I Just saw that...and laughed my ass off...I can't wait to tell the others...they are going to love it...

    Wait until you call in tonight's...he's may not get back up after falling from his chair !! As long as they win right ?? That's what I always say...lol...I'll bet on anything if we have an edge...Thanks again, VR

  • Harpco...THANK YOU so much...And as soon as you get me the "Slick Bet" record to date...I will start keeping it as well, so that I can F*ck with the old man from time to time...lol

    Also, as soon as you do...let me know, I have a Thank You that I want to send you...Thanks, Ace

  • WIN or LOSE thank you for your time ACE ,

    One of my  long time locals all most fell of his chair last niight when i called in ST PETERS , he was laughing saying we dont take CYO action harpo sorry

    i also finally seen your posts a couple days back in your daily thread  about the overall #'s going way back on slick bets and i do have those unfortunetly they are mixed in with my other bets ( nov / dec )  so i just need a litttle bit to go back thru & pluck out the slick bets and do a tally  .

    The last tally i posted ( see: bookie bill chronicles ) was 10/13/09 when slick bets were 51-28  and they went on a sick 8 gm streak to close october so from may 6th 2009 to oct 25th 2009  slick bets are 59-28 = 67.8%  ( i triple checked this back then cuz ya just dont see those #"s everyday and they are spot on NO accounting mistakes )

    Just give me a few to go thru my books & i will breakdown nov/ dec in the next day or two ..

    Lets hit this "true steam bet "  if we have one ?? & i 'll have lots of energy to stay up late this evening .



  • Thank You fellas...hearing these things really makes me understand just how many people depend on the information, for their own work...And that truely motivates me, to not only continue educating bettors on how these Betting Syndicates work...but to also try and isolate those bets that DO have the most betting value, when compared to my own Ratings/Numbers...

    Please forgive me if sometimes I get it out a little later than the scheduled 12pm est that I shoot for...And for those times that I am unable to isolate a play this early...

    But because I always read each and every response you guys put into these threads...I know how important accurate and solid info is...

    And I would rather Pass, or get the Blog up later...so that I can continue to keep the standard this high, even though it's free...than sacrifice that, for the sake of making a deadline...Or worse, forcing a play...

    We have EVERY DAY of the year more or less...and I plan on publishing as many of these Blogs during the year as I can...

    So thank you all for the kind words...and for all the motivation that you continue to give me...Best of Luck, VR

  • thanks for the info helped out greatly! had them on the ML! and plus 5.5

  • thanks for sharing the pick VR. Keep up the good work bro.

  • VR-  based on your initial post, wouldn't Boise and Marist fall into a "steam" play as well????

  • Good stuff VR. Thanks for all your hard work and time you put in for us pregamers

  • VR-  great post and truly appreciate the insight from a guy who understands both sides.  BOL

  • You are welcome fellas...And when these Outfits get their Ratings to where they need to be in NBA/CBB...the "True Steam" is going to really be a huge asset...And I may go ahead and pass along some more "Early Moves"...Like I was doing in Football...VR

    Saturn...to be perfectly honest, unless I confirm the "True Steam" as an Official Premium Play...Or isolate it as a BEST BET...I myself treat them as a 1u Bet...And sometimes add them into exotics as "courtesy wagers"...

    But I always urge my guys to use their own judgement, because we are all working with a different BR, and we all have different short, and long-term goals...What I try to do, is manage the wagers for the masses...And pass along the way that I use them...Best of Luck, VR

  • thanks VR for giving us this free info..youre a true pro

  • I have this at +5 should I take it for a double dime?