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Pregame Blogs
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So far this season, since I began publishing this blog...we've been able to get the "BEST NUMBER" on 30 of the 35 games that had "line moves"...That's a success rate of "86%"...Which means that on almost 9 out of 10 bets made on those match-ups that I tried to predict how the line will move...by simply reading this blog, you would have gotten the best possible line...

If you remember back when I decided to take on this challenge, the goal was to be accurate on 60% of my predictions...Because doing so, would definitely put you in the best position to cash a ticket the majority of the time you place a wager on one of the match-ups that I tried to predict...

Now obviously I'm not just guessing, and to be perfectly honest...along with experience and watching lines for as many years as I have...it takes a lot of work, because not only do I need to analyze the information that I've gathered from bookmakers, wiseguys, ect...But I then have to try and predict how the market is going to react as we approach game-time...

Which can be very tricky at times, because the betting public doesn't usually place the majority of their wagers until hours before kick-off...and simultneously, the Betting Syndicates are also hard at work trying to manipulate the market...to try and profit via "middles", "edge-offs", ect...

Also, as we approach the end of the season, you will notice that the Betting Syndicates go ahead and bet BOTH sides and even BOTH totals, in the same game...trying to work a "middle"...Which tends to make the line jump up and down some, before eventually stablizing...

And more importantly, I write this Blog on Thursday afternoon...And we are in December now, which means that weather becomes a huge factor...And even though I check the weather report for each game that I try to predict the "move" for...we all know how the weather can be extremely unpredicatable...

So please keep all of that in mind, because I do not want anyone to be misled...and think that we will be able to predict the "move" correctly as accurately as we have been so far...Unless my "line reading" and "market reaction" skills have surpassed even my own goals and expectations...lol

With that, let's get to this weekend games...and see if we can get the "BEST NUMBERS" again this week...VR




1.) S FLA at UCONN.....Thur Total : 52.....Projection = DOWN


2.) SJ ST at LA TECH.....Thur Line : 23.5.....Projection = UP


3.) SJ ST at LA TECH.....Thur Total : 48.....Projection = UP


4.) WISC at HAWAII.....Thur Total : 55.....Projection = UP


5.) HOU vs ECU.....Thur Line : -2......Projection = UP


6.) HOU vs ECU.....Thur Total : 69.....Projection = UP





1.) DEN at KC.....Thur Line : 4.5.....Projection = UP


2.) TBAY at CAR.....Thur Line : 6.....Projection = DOWN


3.) TBAY at CAR.....Thur Line : 40.5.....Projection = DOWN


4.) STL at CHI.....Thur Line : 9.....Projection = DOWN


5.) DAL at NYG.....Thur Line : 1.5.....Projection = UP (Books who are using -1.5 & -125...Should adjust Upwards...Before books using -2.5 should adjust Down)


6.) BAL at GBAY.....Thur Line : -3.....Projection = UP (Although books don't like to move off 3, and prefer to adjust by raising the "Vig"...this is the MNF Match-up, which means that it will receive the most "Volume"...and will also have wagers "Pending" from Sunday's action...And if this line moves, I feel it should only move in one direction....UP)


There you have it...my "LINE PREDICTIONS" for this weekend's NFL & NCAAFB action...

Remember to ALWAYS make sure that you shop for the "BEST NUMBER"...And having an idea of how the line may move will definitely help you to do that...but by simply using as many "Outs" as you can get access to, will also help you do that...

And over the long-run...that alone can increase your profits significantly...

Thanks again for all your support, and best of luck...Vegas-Runner.



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  • very valuable info here!

  • Hey VR,

    Just wondering what you think will happen with the dolphins/patriots line? It took a sharp drop on thursday and now its moving back up. What caused this movement and do you think it will continue to rise?

  • Fellas, I will also try and pass along any other "Predictions" that I may have on this weekend's "Line Moves"...Because I continue to gather more info as the week progresses and we approach game-time...And I know just how important it is to get the best number for your wagers...

    And if you have any questions, for match-ups that I didn't try and predict...Please feel free to post them right here, and time permiting...I'll let you know how I believe the line may move...

    Plus, I'm sure a lot of sharp forum members may also have a good opinion on what may happen...

    Best of Luck, VR