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Pregame Blogs
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We had another extremely successful week, predicting the line moves prior to the weekend's NCAAFB & NFL match-ups last week...In fact, the goal I set for this blog was around "60% Accuracy"...Knowing that if we are able to get the very "Best Line" around 60% of the time we place a wager...then we can expect to increase our overall win % because of it...

And after 2 week's of attempting to "predict" how the market will react on ceratin match-ups, after both...the betting public and wiseguys place their wagers...we have been accurate on over 75% of our projections...

As we move closer to the end of the season, obviously there will be less significant line moves late in the week...Because not only are the oddsmakers ratings stronger as the season progresses, ultimately resembling those of the wiseguys more and more...But the books have been extremely quick to adjust their lines early in the week, as soon as there is any pressure from the Betting Syndicates...

But with that said, we can still anticipate that there are still plenty of match-ups each week that the point-spreads and totals will move on...So without any further delay, let's move on to this week's match-ups...and see if we can nail a few more projections...VR




1.) VIRGINIA vs CLEMSON.....Thur Line = CLEM -21.....Projection : UP


2.) N CAR vs BOSTON COLL.....Thur Line = BC -3.5.....Projection : DOWN


3.) KENT ST vs TEMPLE.....Thur Line = TEM -11.....Projection : DOWN


4.) UAB vs E CAROLINA.....Thur Line = ECU -12.....Projection : UP


5.) SD ST vs UTAH.....Thur Line = UTAH -20.....Projection : UP


6.) LA TECH vs FRESNO ST.....Thur Line = FRESNO ST -10...Projection : DOWN


7.) ARK ST at MTSU.....Thur Line = MTSU -10.5.....Projection : DOWN





1.) E MICH vs TOLEDO.....Thur Total = 62.....Projection : DOWN


2.) N CAR vs BOSTON COLL.....Thur Total = 38.....Projection : UP


3.) KENT ST vs TEMPLE.....Thur Total = 47.....Projection : UP





1.) INDI vs BALT.....Thur Line = INDI -1.....Projection : UP


2.) SEA vs MINN.....Thur Line = MINN -11.....Projection : DOWN


3.) WASH vs DALL.....Thur Line = DALL -11.....Projection : DOWN


4.) N ORL vs T BAY.....Thur Line = N ORL -11.5.....Projections : DOWN





1.) CLE vs DET.....Thur Total = 38.5.....Projection : DOWN



Those are the "15" Line-Predictions for this week's match-ups that I feel the most comfortable with projecting how the market will continue to react to all the money that will be wagered from now, until game-time...

Please feel free to pass along any insight or projections of your own...Along with any questions or comments that you may have...Because like I said before, this is a FREE handicapping tool for all of us handicappers and sports bettors to use...

And if there are any other games that you may want to know how I believe that the market will react...please feel free to ask right here on the blog, because I will continue to check in...and also look to add some more "projections" like I did last week...as I continue to gather more and more information...

Thanks again for all your support, and best of luck...Vegas-Runner.


  • 10 of 11 lines that moved were correctly projected this week! That means you could have bet a better number 10 of 11 times by following VR's projections!!

  • thanks for your help VR!!

  • Marquez...The Wiseguys bet BOTH sides of the Rutgers game...First moving the number up, then forcing it back down...

    With so much money expected on Rutgers though...I think that from here on out, the only way this one should move it UP !!

  • Ace,

    My local threw me a curveball last night.  He took Rutgers from -8.5, and told me they are now -10.  WTF???!!!  Does your line prediction support my local's "move"?  Public looks heavy on Rutgers, you see any value in taking the home team +10???  

  • my goal for Vegas Runner on these was 60% correct - clearly he is doing much better!