By Tony George


Kansas and Texas both lost week but remain at the top, and Texas AM and Nebraska are very dangerous right now, especially at home.  Texas and KU BOTH looking to get back on track this week. 

Kansas on Big Monday on ESPN just destroyed Okie State, who as stated in the past is not the same team away from Stillwater, and Texas looks to dismantle Iowa State who is very short handed on Tuesday.

The Key game this week is Kansas State at Nebraska on Wednesday Night the 23rd.  HUGE game for both teams.  NU is 16-1 at home and avenging a blowout loss at K State last month and as mentioned off a signature win against #3 Texas on Saturday, Doc Sadlers biggest win at Nebraska.

Mizzou finally picked up a road win, albeit at Iowa State but Missouri is gaining some steam headed into March Madness.  The Big 12 Tourney is around the corner and will be a good one.


Texas 93

Kansas 91

Texas AM 88 - tie

Missouri 88 - tie

Nebraska 86

Kansas State 84

Baylor 82

Oklahoma State 80 (tie)

Colorado 80 - tie

Oklahoma 78

Texas Tech 76

Iowa State 75

Allow 2 points for homecourt in all cases but the following:

Texas and Kansas 4 points at home, Nebraska 3.5 points, Missouri, Texas AM and Okie State 3 points