Big 12 Tourney Power Ratings and Notes

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Big 12 Tourney Power Ratings and Notes

By Tony George 

They are coming to Kansas City, and yours truly, who owned this conference again this year with over 60% winners for the 8th straight season will be at every game in Kansas City in person with a pass for this tourney!  After dominating the MO Valley tourney and conference in the past 2 weeks, I turn my attention to this tourney, WHERE IS EVERYONE ELSE IS PLAYING FOR SECOND PLACE.  Kansas will be unbeatable in here as they are 45 minutes away from campus and the place is will be rocking with KU fans. I went 6-3 ATS in this tourney last year and won my Tourney GOY as well.  I may limit my picks this year, there is some parity after the top 2  or 3 teams here, so be aware of that.

There are going to be some interesting pairings here and both Baylor and Kansas State will be in the running here.  This tourney opens up March 10th on Wednesday with little fanfare because all 4 teams, which are identical in my power ratings as the top 4 seeds, have a bye.  Oklahoma and Oklahoma State in the opening round will be interesting as Okie State was a beast at home all year including handing the Jayhawks their only conference loss all year, but they are a different animal on the road.   Texas has to get past Iowa State who just upended Kansas State on the road this past Saturday, and with the way Texas plays, you never know.  The opening lines will determine my selections.

Kansas will have to get past Texas AM in their bracket and Kansas State has either Baylor or Texas, provided the Longhorns can get past Iowa State and play the Bears as K State should be able to beat the winner of the OU / Okie State game.  Nothing comes easy here for anyone and there may be a wild card along the way, but I just do not see someone rising from the ashes here to make a run.  There are at least 6 NCAA Tourney teams in the mix here for the Big 12, but again, Kansas is just heads and shoulders above everyone else.

I have a gut feeling that Baylor is a sleeper team here in the lower bracket.  Kansas will dominate the upper bracket, so the real competition will be in the lower bracket as mentioned.  I predict a Baylor and Kansas final with KU dominating in this tourney.  It will come down to K State and Baylor for the right to play Kansas.  Below are my final season ending power ratings to measure against the Las Vegas line.



Kansas 99 - (add 3 points for neutral site, but in KC)
Kansas State 96 - (add 2 points for neutral site in KC)

Baylor  94
Texas AM  92

Texas 89
Missouri 88 - (add 2 points for neutral site in KC)

Oklahoma State 87
Texas Tech 83
Oklahoma 81
Colorado 80

Iowa State 79
Nebraska 76

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  • Thanks guys..... and VINCAL I appreciate your investment in me, and I take it seriously.  You will get my best shot the next 4 weeks, I assure you.

    Cowboyfan- I know you are a Baylor guy, and I think they can make a run not only here but in the dance.

    Kansas is going to be unbeatable IMO in this tourney, but stranger things have happned.  If Collins plays well for KU, they are a very tough nut to crack, and the stands will be filled with 80% KU fans for their games..which is almost a homecourt advantage.  Mizzou will have a large contingent for theirs well ....and K State.

  • Ahh, looky here, I was just making a comment to JR in his thread, when I came back out just to find your blog, I like your thinking on Baylor, and I have predicted the same match-up for the championship.  Baylor has potential, big potential, they gave Kansas a run for their money earlier in the season, only losing by 6 points to the jayhawks.  Nice read T.G.

  • Any action today Tony. I look forward to your pick everyday and yesterday sign up for your March Madness package, that is at a VERY reasonable price. Make us some money T.G.

  • I worked in Westport and was in Kellys more than I should admit. Oldest saloon in Kansas City. Used to have a few pops at Kelly's then head down to Kemper Arena, basketball and steaks at the Golden Ox. Great stuff!

    Tony, you're rankings are fairly close, lol. Good luck!

  • K State would not be considered a sleeper, they are a Top 10 team.   BAYLOR would be the most likely to make a run.  Texas AM a slight sleeper as well..if they play defense they way they are capable, they will give anyone in the Top 25 trouble, they had KU on the ropes on Big Monday but failed to close. If Baylor knocks down outside shots, they are an issue for anyone.

    denmarkOK.  My office is behind McCoys across the from Kellys in Westport.  Kellys just opened up a rooftop bar...very very nice.  I will be at the tourney and hitting Power and Light district afterwards for cocktails daily.  

  • Between the Big 8 (yeah...BIG EIGHT!!!) tournament and St. Patricks's Day (and I always started at Kelly's on *every* venture into Westport!), March was a wonderful time of madness in KCMO.

    Looking forward to your insight as always!

  • Tony, you got this conference down for sure. The Big 12 is going to do some damage in the dance.  Which team is your sleeper team? I lean to A&M & K St. if you actually want to consider them sleepers.