By Tony George

The Big 12 has provided some major upsets, tough to figure lines, and hard to figure out teams so far in 2009.  The race in the South is clearly all Texas, although the north division is up for grabs and Bill Snyder has silenced all critics with the K State Wilddcats currently in the lead in the north.  I honestly think that is temporary.

The showdown in Lawrence Kansas this week with Nebraska and KU is HUGE.   K State has already beat KU, and Nebraska has yet to play the Wildcats, so this weeks game is more or less an elimination game for Nebraska, and I would expect their best effort of the season after a huge win over Oklahoma in Lincoln last week, which shocked everyone, including myself.

Here is how it lays out in my book:

BIG 12  Current  Power Ratings as of 11-12-2009

Texas  123

Oklahoma  118

Texas Tech 111

Oklahoma St  106

Nebraska 104

Kansas St  102

Kansas 100

Missouri  94

Baylor  93

Colorado 90

Texas AM 88