October Big 12 Power Ratings

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October Big 12 Power Ratings

By Tony George


There has been enough football under our belt in this conference to weigh out my power ratings.  I use these as overlays against the spread.  Much like many novice cappers do with the Sargin ratings in USA Today against the Las Vegas Line.  It is not broken down by division but is an overall ranking based on offense, defense, special teams, turnover ratios, and a few other intangibles.  For home filed I usually add 2 points for the home team.  There are certain factors that determine a move on one team or another outside of these rankings of course,  I place emphasis on, injuries being one of them.

With a huge weekend on tap for the Big 12, with OU and Texas, Mizzou and Oklahoma State, and Nebraska and Texas Tech to squaring off name off this weekend.  Lesser games that have interest is Kansas and Colorado and Baylor and Iowa State.  These ratings change weekly.


BIG 12  Current  Power Ratings as of 10-16-2009

Texas  124

Oklahoma  120

Nebraska 112

Texas Tech  105

Kansas  103

Oklahoma St  102

Missouri  97

Baylor  90

Texas A&M  89

Iowa State  87

Colorado  83

Kansas St  79


  • Power rankings line up with the Oklahoma/Texas line.