August, 2009

Pregame Blogs

Pregame Blogs
Videos are just the START of the conversation. Each show has a dedicated blog post with show notes, links, and pics. Plus, the host and guests continue the conversation in the comments section!

Tony George

  • Football Wagering 101- What to Avoid

    By Tony George As football approaches next week in full swing, I am getting emails from past clients of my own service asking me about certian handicappers, what level of club they should join at Score to compliment my subscription, and all kinds of...
  • NFL Camp Report - The Kansas City Chiefs

    AP By Tony George The AFC West is clearly dominated by 1 team this year, the San Deigo Chargers are a clear cut favorite to win the division. Last year this division winner only had to play .500 ball, 8-8 to reach the playoffs, and there is no...