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NFL Free Play from Tony George
NY Jets -3 @ Oakland
In the wild and crazy world of the NFL, anyone can beat anyone on any given Sunday.  The past few weeks have been an example of this scenario.  More times than not I look at lines set by Vegas oddsmakers as an acid test to the general public.  Oakland is a bad football team, with no direction and little chance of winning more than 4 games this year.  Al Davis has ran this one proud franchise with rabid fans who follow them regardless, into the ground.  That being said, The Jets have won with smoke and mirrors all year long, but none the less the better of the two teams here should be at least a 6 point favorite in this game. 
You have on Friday at Wagerline 77% of the public on the NY Jets and YET the line has yet to move.  Do you think if Vegas sportsbooks and offshore books would want to balance their action, they would at least put a hook on that line, meaning -3.5 for the Jets or go higher based on public opinion and action?  This is a line play and a set up line in my opinion.  The Jets managed 242 total yards against the hapless Bengal's last week on offense.  One thing I can say is the Raiders have a defense that matches up well against NY.  Now New Orleans shredded Oakland last week, but how many times have you seen a team who play like crap one week, look like super bowl champs the following week?   The Jets defense gives up 26 ppg this season and QB Favre is always worth a couple of interceptions, and I have a hunch that Oakland wins this straight up at home in a shocker.  Common opponent - The Chargers who beat NY by 19 but only beat the Raiders by 10. 
Oakland 24  NY Jets 17
  • nice call.  

  • Hey...It was an OT game, but the thoughts of the Jets burying anyone on the road needs to cease..they are not as good as advertised guys!

    It was a set up line as I stated....this will be one of Oaklands few wins this year, the stars just lined up for us in this game....thanks for your comments...

  • Nice call.  I wish you had been wrong...  but that's what I get for not listening.

  • Great Call Tony!

  • Great call Tony - keep the winners coming.

  • Come on Chuck!!  Jets havent buired anyone and are not capable of doing it....well maybe the Cards when Warner threw like 5 picks!  

    Wheres the love?  I am a huge Favre fan, but this smells fishy to me, like you said and I said IF you read between the lines, the Jets SHOULD bury Oakland....right?  then why is that line only -3 and not moving!  YOU MADE MY POINT!

  • Sorry Tony & Matty,

                                       Brett & the Jets BURY the Raiders.

  • I am on Oak as well & think they may win str8 up as well. Good play IMO.

  • Wow, I like it - I believe it might be time to start fading Brett & the Jets.  Best of luck this week Tony!

  • I loved Oakland last week. Hopefully they redeem themselves this week.