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The Big 12 Report - From the Penthouse to the Outhouse


Texas ranked #1 this week


By Tony George  

Lets forget for a moment I laid the wood with Oklahoma and Missouri last week.  There was a moment of clarity last week for me and millions of Big 12 fans.  Running the football wins big games, and that has always been a staple of the Big 12 conference.  Mizzou managed a total meltdown as the score did not indicate the can of whoop ass that Oklahoma State pulled out on them at home.  Not only was Okie State underrated, they ran the football down Mizzou's throat at will, for over 200 yards and smacked them in the mouth on defense, forcing a very over confident Chase Daniels into 3 interceptions and an "also ran" in the Heisman trophy race.   It should also be noted Mizzou head coach Gary Pinkel got his rear end coached off and made some horrible calls in that game.  How does Mizzou bounce back?  Anyone who knows college football and the Big 12 knows it was a two game season for Missouri, all orange, Texas and Okie State, and they looked unprepared as the stage was set for a #1 national ranking after an Oklahoma loss.  A trip to Austin Texas is now their reward and challenge to re-prove themselves, a task that no team in the country would wish for this week.
Speaking of running the ball, Oklahoma also proved the same thing Mizzou did, although they were much more competitive in a wild one in the Cotton Bowl.  Just as their north division neighbor Missouri, Oklahoma let Texas run the ball right down their throat with no counter punch. Colt McCoy was the QB who emerged victorious and used his legs and running game to his advantage as he passed all over a stout OU secondary, while the Longhorns ran at will against a tough and highly vaunted front four for OU.  The better team won, and Oklahoma ran for less than 40 yards in that game, and while QB Bradford looked great, at days end, a balanced attack won the game.  In recent years Oklahoma had failed their biggest tests, especially in recent BCS bowl games, and that season finale in Stillwater looms large, and they have a wily Kansas team in Norman this week, which is no day at the park, laying 18 points, oh my!
Texas AM proved to be the worst team in he conference once again this week, with a so/so Kansas State beat them soundly, and Nebraska provided perhaps as big as shock as any in conference action with an Overtime scare for Mike Leech's Texas Tech Red Raiders at home as a 21 point underdog.  The point to be made in that game is that Bo Pellini can coach.  After getting hammered by Mizzou the week before in a rare blowout home loss for the Huskers in Lincoln on national TV, the Huskers took on one of the most prolific offenses in the nation and held their own and kept QB Harrell under 270 yards through the air and traded punches on offense with a great overall game plan. The Huskers are 2 years away folks, but back on track.  Kansas struggled and barely covered the 16 against a game Colorado team and did not get caught looking ahead to Oklahoma, while Baylor picked up a rare win against Iowa State who is simply deplorable on the road.
Here are my highlight games this week
Texas -7 vs. Mizzou
More of the same for Missouri this week I fear.  If you cannot run and have to play catch up, you will eventually turn it over and lose games.  The Longhorns will "hook em" in front of a rabid and wild crowd this weekend, carrying the nations biggest curse, a #1 ranking.  Not sure Missouri was ready for the prime time market with a high ranking and the inexperience of the pressures that came with it, as they fell from grace last season as well when they were ranked #1 and lost to Oklahoma for the second time in a month in 2007.  I fear they read too many press clippings and skipped the warnings of Okie State last week, I know I ignored them myself laying 13 points.  Texas cannot be patting themselves on the back past Sunday because if they do, Mizzou can pull the upset, but off the Red River War game, Texas has done a fine job over the years with Mac Brown (10-0 SU), win or lose, of bouncing back the next week, bad news for the Tigers if that is the case. Texas is loaded and while Mizzou is no slouch and have lots of speed and talent, Texas is big, physical, quick and loaded with confidence, and playing at home.  Missouri perhaps will get another shot at Texas in December if they win the Big 12 North this year at Arrowhead stadium in Kansas City, and I like their chances far better then than this week in Austin.  Mizzou limps in here with a hangover and deflated bubble, I like Texas.  Longhorns 34  Mizzou 24
Nebraska -6.5 @ Iowa State
The Huskers almost pulled off the biggest upset of the week by taking Texas Tech to the wire in OT, only to make a bad play in OT which cost them the game,  One thing is for sure, Bo Pellini will have them ready to play at what I call the "snake pit" in Ames Iowa.  Iowa State put themselves on the radar screen two weeks ago by leading Kansas by 20 points in  Ames before blowing it.  They followed that effort up by a 28 point loss to bottom feeder Baylor last week in Waco.  This game looks close on paper, but bear in mind Nebraska has lost 3 in a row all to ranked opponents, Virginia Tech, Missouri and Texas Tech, and in 2 of those games, one or two plays and NU comes out with a 2-1 record versus 0-3.  I do not see a decent Nebraska team who can balance the attack and play some multiple scheme defense losing their 4th game in Ames this week, they are due for a win, and while a trip to Ames Iowa is never easy, after getting waxed by Baylor, doubt the Cyclones recover in time against a hungry Nebraska team.  Nebraska 31  Iowa State 20
The Big 12 conference houses the #1 Team in the nation (not always a good thing this time of year), as well as a total of 5 teams in the Top 11 in all of college football.  Each and every week is a potential landmine for ANY team in the Big 12.  I will have 1 featured play this week in the Big 12,  a Top Play out of the Big 12 this weekend, so be sure and check that out and stay tuned for more weekly Big 12 Updates. 
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  • I think Mizzou will win out until they meet Texas again at Arrowhead where they will lose again. Kansas is a solid team but they are not going to beat Mizzou. Mizzou will start the road back this weekend vs Colorado. I'm looking forward to Texas and Oklahoma State this weekend.

  • The second place team in the South has a better shot at a BCS Bowl than Mizzou if they lose in KC, if they get that 3 loss team will see a BCS bowl game this year..

    Kansas will be no pushover in their finale at Arrowhead either, the week before the Big 12 Championship game there.

    Not beatin you up Spartan,. I know it was a painful nite for you...and as mentioned, I am a Big 12 North fan as you know being a Husker alum.....but unless they play some defense, KU will give them all they want...they rocked Oklahoma for almost 500 yards in Norman.  They also have a bad defense as well.....but tread lightly and start winning some games now!!  

  • Mizzou headed back to Cotten Bowl vs LSU?

  • I think the Tigers will still win the weak Big 12 North, lose the big 12 title game in kansas City and then get a decent non BCS bowl. Well below expectations for the year but when one takes a reality check and recalls where the programs was and how far it has come it eases the pain. There can be no question Pinkel is building a great program. The key will be quarterback play next season with Blaine Gabbert taking the reigns. I will add this, NOBODY would have beaten Texas this weekend, nobody. That was like clubbing baby seals!!

  • Stick a Fork in Mizzou...They're DONE!

  • 2-0 Sweep..Big 12 blog now 5-2 ..the last 3 weeks...better than my premium selections!  I will rectify this week, but I appreciate all your takes and comments guys.  Well informed readers and posters in the Pregame forum and blogs section.

    I guess Mizzou is a paper Tiger and Texas even better than I thiought after the OU game, because Mizzou IS a good football team and Texas dismantled them.  

    Nebraska getting better each week since the Mizzou debacle in Lincoln, keep an eye on them....

  • Thanks Guys...some good points here although SOONER FAN, I am unclear the way Stoops schemes big games on offense.  I agree, they should just thrown the damn thing and play unconventional against Texas.  It cost them because Bradfor is better than McCoy other than scrambling ability.

    That being said, not sure Mizzou can just throw and throw and not use Washington at RB be successful in Austin, I just do not see it.  Texas much more athletic up front than Okie State too, so that is a concern.  Should be a hell of a game to watch, just to close to call to actually wager on, and every now and then I like to watch a game as a fan and not a capper with craploads of money and clients money on a play!  

    I am a Big 12 North fan during the regular season and a Big 12 fan in Bowl season, so I would like to see Mizzou win it...

  • Nice Article from a BIG 12 Guy. Good Luck to You!

  • Good stuff Tony. I'm one of the few who agree with you on Texas. I think the Horns dominant in the trenches and pull away in the second half.

  • I'm a bigtime OU fan and while I thought OU may cover last week, I was by no means confident.  I do think Texas is a good team, but I think they will prove to be the same sort of team they were last year. (minus one loss).  I think they lose to Mizzou this week, and then lose to Tech.  The difference between OU/Tech/Mizzou is OU THINKS they can run and waste their time trying to do it, while Mizzou and Tech go out guns blazing with the passing game.  I think against the tigers and the red raiders, Texas' secondary will be exposed like it should have been against OU (if we wouldn't have wasted time with our crap rushing attack).  While the team that wins the rushing battle usually wins the game in the Red River Rivalry, that trend could have been bucked had the Sooners said screw the run and let Bradford loose.  (It's hard to believe they could let him loose for more than 387 yds and 5 td's, but it probably should have been more like 450 yds and 6 tds.) (Gawdy numbers, but true!)

  • Sorry about my Huskers last week Matty.  the cover shocked the hell outta me too!  

  • Great stuff Tony, although I like Mizzou a bit this week too.

  • Good intentions Spartan are well and good, but Texas will be ready big time for this one.  I am a Big 12 North fan, a Nebraska Alum as you know, and hope MIzzou can pull off the upset.  I fear Texas is as good as advertised and it will be a great game either way.  REMEMBER these are free opinions, not my strongest opinions, but I am concerned that your RB Washington and company need to run the football, and they simply fell flat with that effort against Okie State and it cost them big time.

    If you put your defense on the field for too long, they will get winded against Texas and end up giving up big plays as the game gets long in the tooth.  They need to manage the game better on offense, not sure they can with their offense the way it is set up....anyway good luck with your Tigers buddy!  

  • Pinkel had the Tigers out on the field practicing sunday and evidently Chase Daniel called the team into a huddle and had a long talk with his teammates and took responsibility for the loss saturday night and the team went out and had from all accounts the best practice of the year and have been building on it all week. It's a tall, tall order in Austin but the Tigers appear ready to come in and go toe to toe.