NCAA Football - What is going on?

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NCAA Football - What is going on?


 After the past 2 or 3 Saturdays, and after 17 years capping games for a living andhaving thought I had almost seen it all, I have to admit being a handicapper right now is no doubt what it feels to be a like stockbroker in these wild economic times, just watch the ticker and scratch your head and say WTF?

Oklahoma, LSU (which really wasn't an upset but 51-21?), Missouri, Texas Tech almost getting beat by Nebraska, Auburn, Michigan, and teams who were on the cusp of something special in winnable games like Northwestern and Vanderbilt losing SU. 

Can you imagine a Clemson team that was ranked 9th in the nation with weapons all over the place and a highly touted 1-2 punch  at Runiing Back with Spiller and Davis having 1 TOTAL YARD OF OFFENSE with 4 minutes to go int he first half of the Wake Forest Game with their entire season on the line? 

The ONLY consistent and steady team I have seen all year is PENN STATE- Headed by 81 year old Joe Pa!  They BURIED Wisoconsin 48-7.  No fancy spread offense and trick plays, just straight up football, and power defense.  Guess that may be the ticket this year.  Looked pretty unbeatable to me, but then again so did Mizzou when I went and saw them play Nebraska last week!  Oh My!!

2 weeks ago 9 of the top 20 teams lost and 6 of those were defeated by unranked teams.  IS PARITY THAT PRESENT IN NCAA FOOTBALL.?  Apparently so and while I understand the volitility of handicapping games against the spread this has been a season when even "non-marquess" games are full of upsets.  Hell, it is hard to pick them straight up!

I do not make excuses for losing plays, I look at the game and numbers when it is over and figure out what I missed and ect and learn from it.  But I will tell you that NCAA Football season is one of the more insane ones in 17 years I have seen, full of landmines and big games every week where the unthinkable is the norm. 

I do think the value for the remainder of the season will be found in smaller confernces and non marquess games, as any and all of these top teams in the Top 25 can and will be anyone, anywhere anytime. 

Is it me, or is anyone else slightly confused and alittle trigger shy! 


  • CFB is always unpredictable. Ruff ruff......

  • tOO MUCH UNKNOWN IN THOSE GAMES YOU REFERRED TO .  Like can vandy handle the role as road fav? Was OK that good? Will Mizzou go into their usual swoon? Does lsu have a QB?  What we know----Penn st will kick ass, and Boise will be Boise, and you don't talk trash to Tebow before heading to the swamp. AND Chase Daniel can't play with the Big boys.

  • That is why most of my college plays have been underdogs this year so far... I see more value in them...

  • 100% agree. Football has been odd this year. Across the board ALL of the teams people picked to win it all have lost. Georgia, Oklahoma, USC, Ohio State, and Florida. Wisconsin started off in the top 10 and have lost three games already!

  • I definitely find CFB and CBB much easier to handicap vs. its pro counterparts (NFL/NBA).

    I do agree that to be successful these days - you have to work twice as hard with all the information available to handicappers and linesmakers.

  • I hear ya Jeff.  There has always been uncertainty in sports gambling, that is why it is called gambling.  It just seems the landscape is becoming more and more less predictable.  Makes us all on the business work twice as hard daily!  

    Expect the unexpected and tip toe through the schedules lighly and find your best spots...

  • Just like the stock market (Which I work in full-time as well) - sports handicapping is an ongoing battle to stay with the times.

    No one in Wall Street has the slightest clue of what to do in the market right now - but those that work in fixed income (Like Myself) knew about it years ago