ACCOUNTABILITY: Shouldn't Every Professional Handicapper Be Monitored?

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ACCOUNTABILITY: Shouldn't Every Professional Handicapper Be Monitored?

If you receive money from a client base, then you have the money to reinvest in a monitoring service. It's just that simple. The owner of actually makes it easy on willing professionals to become the subject of an independent monitoring service, it should be noted that he has done whatever he can to make this site more transparent. With that being said........

Should a "service" be trusted with their own reporting methods?

I'm sure you can answer that for yourself. When money is involved, self-regulation is NOT an acceptable form of governance. 

Moving on:

The following complaints will occur, in terms of using a monitoring service.

1. "I like to buy points, and the 'monitor' won't let me."

2. "I use multiple books, and the 'monitor' uses a limited set of sources."

3. "I base a lot of my work on Teasers and the monitor doesn't accept them."

Those are valid points, but let's be honest. I don't have any solid numbers, but I believe 40% of the available client base works with a "local" source for their wagering transactions (Municipal or "Bookie"). These local sources are not as flexible as an "offshore book", so the "monitoring" guidelines are closer to reality. Teasers and large point "buys" are not accepted in those locales.

The dangers of "Forum Records":

When a record is kept in a forum, "typographical errors" become quite common. Some of those records are made out of honest human error, and some of them are outright mistakes of dubious origin. Either way, it's NOT a good way of doing business. At the end of each quarter, a corporation will release a detailed report on its balance sheet. As a money gathering entity with a performance based revenue structure, the "Service" is, or should be, bound by the same reporting methodology.

*The forum record can also be fluffed up by supporters of a given capper, or denigrated by hidden competitors of a given handicapper. The entire process of posting a forum record falls under a multitude of divergent agendas.

*TYPOS also occur in the transmission of a record from one forum to another, and the alteration of that record, in the hands of a competitor (or downright cheat) is entirely possible....AND INEVITABLE.

Forum records should be taken with a HUGE grain of salt for the above reasons.

It's taken me a while to figure out how to deal with a monitoring service, but I now believe that it's the only way to separate the touts from the legitimate handicappers. It's forced me to lean toward the needs of the clients that don't use offshore books (frankly, theses are the clients with the most at risk, by the way)


Wouldn't you be happier (as a client) if you could reference an independently monitored handicapper?

Should all "paid handicappers" be monitored by a 3rd party?

I'm open to every opinion on this matter, and would love to hear your opinions.....




  • NSM only demands half of the TSM and your plays will be shown after game starts. Wink

  • Nice of you to say Kevin, thanks for "keeping it real"! You always stay positive my friend and that is a tremendous trait to have. World needs more recluse's like you my friend!

  • Spartan is one of the best handicappers in this market. Hands down. Classy gentlemen are hard to find in this profession. I don't know most of the cappers out there (I'm reclusive;), but I DO know that Greg Shaker, Spartan, and Vegas Runner are three of the most genuine handicappers I've witnessed. On a REAL LIFE level, those boys are not screwing around.

  • You can Contact the folks at The Sports Monitor and they will sign you right up. I think the non-discount price is $1,000.00 per year (don't quote me on that).

    Here's the link:

    If you look into this string of posts there are other sites that can help you, but I'm only "familiar" with The Sports Monitor

    You don't have to be a Pro. It will make you a Pro the quickest (outside of Pregame), so I hope you do it!

  • Kevin i got a question how do i go about signing up for a monitor even though i am not a pro capper ??

  • Spartan: You will benefit greatly from public reporting. Your success will translate well to that platform, without a doubt!

    MiamiHurricanes: As far at the 50 unit deal is concerned, the Monitoring Service that I use allows you to rate your plays between 1 and 10 more, no less, so the idiotic 50-star bullshit is removed. Good post! Great points!

    Greg: Thanks, brother!

  • I was not a paid capper at the old site, I went by Greyhound and was a free poster and that was all I was. When the new site of pregame came around I had trouble getting logged on as Greyhound for whatever reason. I changed to Spartan, I had no idea of ever becoming a paid capper here. You imply that I switched for another reason.  I don't know who you are but you are totally screwed up with your facts regarding me. I only became a pro here at this site after being approached by pregame to do so. I would say it was because I had a reputation for both honesty and winning. I don't appreciate your implications, not one damn bit. People like Sig and some of the other's like the boys or Hizz would recall my winning as Greyhound as well. I get sick and tired of these dime school detectives with nothing better to do than try and stir up crap. Get a life! Those are the facts, no hidden story or deep dark secret.

  • I haven't used cappers for several years. I love doing my own homework. I look at the free picks only when, they give valid reasons to support their selections. Some are very good. One thing I rarely do is wager different amounts on games in general. Maybe I'm "Old School", but to say that one wager is rated a single star and another is a 10 or a 50 star play is outright irrational. That being said, how could you accurately monitor that?? if I feel I have a 75% game (3 star), two 70% games (2 star) and three 65% games (1 star), I play the top 3 or perhaps all six. if I win 4 of 6 I'm great but what if I lost my top 2 and won the bottom four? I would be five wins and five losses (paying vig!!) I would rather be 4W-2L wagering the same amounts. Remember all it takes are  Two unfavorable fluke turnovers, bad calls, in a game on any given day, could send that type of capper home taking the Greyhound Bus, and perhaps come back the following year using a new stage name.

  • ok greyhound, What do you mean by that? If you have something to say then do it!

  • whatever u say

  • Agreed Greg! Good luck to you this weekend!

  • Yes, all handicappers should be monitored regardless of what it costs. Nice thread Kevin...

  • I made arrangement with RJ this afternoon to sign on the with sports monitor. It's not an inexpensive process but I'm confident it will pay dividends.

  • They should, but they won't simply from the fact that if they are crappy, they don't want their #'s being released because it would hamper their ability to sell plays through manipulative wording/videos.