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Please be careful with Perkins of Minnesota!

Perkins is a rare Left Hander who can't pitch to Left Handed batters. His average for the season on the Left is .368 and a quick double-check on his splits from last year indicate that he was almost as bad in 2008 (.352 BA)


But what about the Leftists for Balto?

Roberts, Huff, and Markakis are 11 for 13  as far as reaching the bags with Perkins going 8-13 on hits and it appears that Markakis walked 3 times. The Oriole batters that have faced Perkins went to bat 24 times and reached base on 14 of those at bats.

Here's the batting order for Balto from last night, REMEMBER THAT CAMDEN YARDS IS A BALLPARK THAT FAVORS A LEFTY, WITH THE SHORTEST WALL IN RIGHT FIELD. So it favors a left hander. Add the factt hat Perkins stinks VS Left handers and you tell me what this means:

Switch, Right, Left, Left, Right, Left, Switch, Left, Switch


And maybe this is why Perkins looked so bad in his last meeting IN Baltimore:

Minnesota Twins
G Perkins 3.0 5 6 6 2 2 1 61-40 4.40
61 pitches...3 innnings....6 Runs.... (Sept 08)

He went 4 innings....9 hits...5 Runs in an earlier meeting in Minny, by the way.....


So we have his tendencies, the perfect line-up, and a history of failure, right?


And we have a Massive OVER Umpire.

Randy Marsh averages 12 strikeouts and 11 walks per game, and last year he averaged 11 runs per game. And he of the top OVER Mongers in the majors.

Recent Games:

Sabathia and Guthrie hit 15 runs

Halladay and Lee Hit 9

Ubaldo Jimenez and his team allowed 6 runs to LA.


You have a GREEN light on the Baltimore Team Total to go OVER 5

If you feel safe with Bergesen and that mediocre Balto pen, then take +175 on the Balto RL. Don't take the UNDER in any scenario, although we have a lot of Righties coming up for Minny.


Personally: I took Balto OVER 5 -125

Things have been kinda weird this year, but I thought you might like to see the stars alligning on this matchup.




  • Shoulda bumped this for today... 8 ER in 1+ innings

  • Well, they have played only about 30 games out of 162, so were still early. Better you get ALL the variables in your system than blow games because of incomplete data.

  • Eric: I'd like to start immediately, but it seems like I have to run this bad mojo out of my system...Perkins gave us 4 runs in 3 innings then nothing until the 8th!


    I have to say: This is the way I want to cap the games, and the CPI will serve us well, so I have to start rolling the plays out. We will re-start either tomorrow or Friday. I think I have myself on the old "keep it simple" track.

    AS weird as it looks, I think we're ready.

  • When are you starting your GRand Slam baseball package???? Waiting for plays?????

  • Best of luck with your Baltimore OVER 5 Team Total play tonight KM.

  • *bump*